under the hill
chapter three: lock and load, part 3

Session Start: Thu Aug 17 19:46:51 2006
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<CrazyJack> hiya john
<DM> Hey, there!  Lynne will be a few more minutes.  Gina said she'd be just a little late.
<CrazyJack> okey doke
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<CrazyJack> hiya melissa
<China> howdy
<DM> Lynne is joining...good evening.
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<Lynne> hey!
<China> hey ya
<CrazyJack> hiya lynne!
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<Dania> Hello!
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<DM> Yay!
<Dania> We're back from the State Fair....adults are exhausted, kids are all revved up.
<CrazyJack> hiya gina
<CrazyJack> hehe
<DM> Does anyone have any questions about prior sessions?  Or need to get a drink first?
<China> good to go here
<CrazyJack> not me
<Dania> Good to go for me!
<DM> I have spruced up the gibberish on http://illyria.org/ so that, as a teaser, it's a bit more clear.
<CrazyJack> cool :-)
<DM> ...and all the earlier sessions are logged there (hint, hint, Scott!).
<CrazyJack> (hehe..ok)
<DM> At your leisure, you might review the clues I've dropped so far.  Dr. Goode has sung or prophesied three times.
<CrazyJack> (could you refresh us with the three songs he sung thus far?
<DM> I'll need to pack it in rather early tonight, as I have lost quite a bit of sleep this week, and five a.m. comes early.
<DM> [ok, scott...]
<DM> [calling that up now...be a minute]
<DM> In the hospital ward, Jack heard a previously-unknown version of "Whipping Post" sung, apparently, by Jerry Lewis:
<DM> I been gunned down; I been eyed, too,
<DM> I don't know what I let that Queen summon me to do.
<DM> She thinks it's funny, the effects of my scars.
<DM> Now I'm a misunderstood time study,
<DM> I'm sinkin' like a lost, drowned barge.
<DM> Right now I feel, right now I feel,
<DM> Like I'm bestride a military post,
<DM> Fried like a piece of toast,
<DM> Spied by a flipping ghost,
<DM> With sword I feel like I'm flyin'.
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> [between visits from Janie, the Sarge and Dr. Goode]
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> After taking the green pill in the second session, Jerry Lewis covered "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)."  Swear to God:
<DM> "I was hired by Milady; we've been together too long,
<DM> Like a worn-out performance of Her favorite song.
<DM> So while She lay there beeping, I read a thought in Her head.
<DM> And as Her personal golem, well, to the letter I'm wed:
<DM> 'If you like moonlight sonatas, and if you thought you knew pain,
<DM> If you're not an old fogy, if you have half-a-brain.
<DM> If you like taking pills at midnight, and love cartoons on tape.
<DM> You're the patsy I've looked for, bound to me, no escape'."
<DM> .
<DM> .
<Jared> (eek)
<DM> [after Jack took the pill, I mean]
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> Soon after Jack dropped in on Sanctuary, a shining Dr. Goode appeared on the wall, challenging y'all thusly:
<DM> Know thou art Our enemy
<DM> Since first We felt thy form at sea.
<DM> We'll have thy bones on which to sup;
<DM> Thy skull shall be Our drinking cup
<DM> In which we'll pour sweet wine, and live
<DM> Within the space thy death shall give.
<DM> Nay, canst thou riddle half so well,
<DM> When terror bites beneath Our spell?
<DM> O come, conundrum keen and bright
<DM> To baffle man!  Commence Our rite!
<DM> .
<CrazyJack> (cool thx
<DM> [the last was while China was getting tasered in the infirmary]
<China> ((an experience she'd like not to repeat))
<CrazyJack> (hehe)
<Dania> Wow....wonder what we did to piss them off so much?
<Dania> Maybe it was that thing with the book....nope, wrong character!
<DM> These are things to think about offline, or consider in-character, as they seem connected to your present undertaking.
<China> ((lol))
<CrazyJack> (lol!)
<DM> [that thing with the book will resonate down the ages]
<DM> [there's only one way whatzisname will get that book for his own, and it doesn't bode well for Mira]
<Dania> (Yeah, well, a new character is always interesting to start too!)
<Dania> So, we were nearly ready to leave then, right?
<DM> Dania has an appointment with Mother Andrea.
<DM> We can get to that now.....
<Dania> OK.
<CrazyJack> (hehe.. look on the bright side.. mira has only 60 or so years left to live, she is human, but the elves in the group have 1000 years of listening to Laria complain about it :-P
<China> ((lol))
<Jared> (I think Dania has to talk to the Mother Superior, then we were gonna get ready to head out?)
<DM> Jack, Jared and Kormack are in the guest house.  So is China.
<DM> Dania is on her way to see the Mother, when a crazy old lady accosts her, and gives her a pistol.
<Jared> (ah, now I remember!)
<Dania> (and asks her to kill someone, if she should meet him)
<CrazyJack> (ah yes
<Jared> (Maybe we can question Kormack some more when Dania is done with the Mother)
<DM> Dania could even slip back to the guest house if you all want to get together before time to leave.  Without Sister Anne around.
<DM> Then let's begin.....
<DM> ,
<DM> ,
<DM> ,
<DM> Sanctuary
<DM> July, 192
<DM> 10:30 p.m.
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> Up a half-flight of stairs in the convent proper lies Mother Andrea's office.  Sisters are summoned here for discipline, or for assigned tasks.  The House is quiet, all the Sisters no doubt at their prayers before sleeping.
* Dania moves quietly up the darkened stairway, used to coming here for various reasons.
<DM> Sister Isolde has skedaddled upstairs to the third floor, where personal cells are.
* Dania tucks the small gun into a pocket deep inside her habit.
<Dania> “Who knew that Isolde ever felt such things?”
<DM> Mother Andrea's door, usually shut, stands barely ajar.  The age-stained wood is not decorated.
* Dania pushes the door open.
<Dania> “Revered Mother?  You wanted to see me?”
<DM> She's at her desk, an open book before her.  Mother Andrea is over sixty years old, and probably does not need her walking stick Her hair is silver, and her usually stern face softens late in the evening.
* Dania smiles, knowing that Andrea has always liked her.
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* Dania comes in and sits down in one of the chairs.
<MotherAndrea> “Yes, sit down, Sister.  We have had an exciting evening.”
<Dania> “Yes, we certainly have. Did you hear that the young girl, China, is Kormack's niece?”
* MotherAndrea 's eyes widen.
<MotherAndrea> “No...I did not know he had a niece.”
* MotherAndrea shrugs slightly.
<MotherAndrea> “Nothing should surprise me further tonight.”
<Dania> “Strange that she showed up here tonight, but no stranger than all the other things that happened.”
* MotherAndrea nods.
<MotherAndrea> “You are about to leave us, Sister.  Dania.”
<Dania> “Though I'm not sure why I was chosen for this. “
* MotherAndrea leans forward.
<MotherAndrea> Can you tell me why Sanctuary is here?
<Dania> “Because in the chaos following the fall of the Ancient World, Saint Mary Ann made a haven for those who needed one.”
* MotherAndrea nods.
<Dania> “Women were particularly endangered, because men were civilized in those dark years.”
<MotherAndrea> “Of course.  But can you tell me why Sanctuary is here?”
<Dania> “Because this is where she stopped her wanderings, I guess.  I'd never thought much about it.
<MotherAndrea> “So we presume.  I like to think that the folk of Cratersville need us, perhaps in ways we have yet to appreciate.”
<Jared> (oooooh!)
<Dania> “The fairy circles.  We're near an entry to Their world, aren't we?”
* MotherAndrea purses her lips.
<MotherAndrea> “The Others?”
* MotherAndrea shakes her head.
<MotherAndrea> “No, the scriptures make no mention of Their presence in the time of Sainted Mary Ann.”
<Dania> “We are an island of calm and safety in a chaotic world. That is important in and of itself.”
* MotherAndrea nods.
<MotherAndrea> “Yes, precisely.  And the Others may be drawn to that.”
<Dania> “Because we are not ruled by base instinct, but by reason and intellect?”
<MotherAndrea> “We are a civilizing influence, Sister.  We are needed for our knowledge, and to keep the lords in check.”
<Dania> “Yes. I suppose we are.”
<MotherAndrea> “They would be warring with one another constantly.  However, we have schooled most of them, if only for a few years.”
<Dania> “And if we were not here, then Cratersville and the other towns would be like the outlands that Sister Isolde tells tales about, where fertile women are slaves and prizes for the strongest men to take.”
* Dania flushes a little while saying this.
<MotherAndrea> “The twin virtues of Peace and Love.  Yes, we keep the world of men at bay...not merely within our walls, but in the countryside.”
<Dania> “And this was not the way of the Ancients.”
* MotherAndrea nods.
<Dania> “War was their way and their downfall.  We are the candles....leading them into the light.”
<MotherAndrea> “That is the world you will enter at dawn.  You will live outside the Rule, warded by your Vow, the blessings of Mary Ann, and our good wishes.  And the gift Sister Isolde entrusted to you.”
* Dania blushes.
<Dania> “You know about that?”
* MotherAndrea smiles for the first time tonight.
* Dania smiles.
<MotherAndrea> “Why do you think the hall outside is not carpeted?”
<Dania> “You always know.  Did you hear what she told me?”
<MotherAndrea> “I did.  She had not Confessed as much to me, in all our years together.  It seemed important, and perhaps right, that she tell you.  I pray that she will find true rest.”
<Dania> “I gave her my word that I would take a life. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but she was so troubled.”
* MotherAndrea nods.
<MotherAndrea> “Murder is not our way, and I doubt you have it in you.  Your promise, ill-made though it may be, may have done Isolde some good.  She may sleep better tonight than in a long time.”
<Dania> “It seemed to give her some peace, and I am certain I shall never meet that one particular man, anyway.”
<Jared> (hah!)
<DM> [hee hee]
<Dania> (yep....I know!)
<Jared> (nahhhhh, she'll NEVER meet HIM)
<CrazyJack> hehehe
<Dania> “So, I am to Wander. Where am I to go? Is this to do with Jack, and the visitor upon the walls?”
<MotherAndrea> “I may never have believed, truly, in the Others, but I am...reevaluating.”
<Dania> “Mother…I have told you for years that They are there. Believe it or not, I'm no longer the fanciful child I once was.”
<MotherAndrea> “You heard Isolde.  She’s already convinced that you are fated to deliver our guest to Them.”
* MotherAndrea leans closer.
<MotherAndrea> “What do you believe?”
<Dania> “He seems to be a gentle soul by nature, but he was hardened in a war not of his making. He was damaged there. I think that I am to protect him, somehow. He is missing a part of his spirit. I think that I am to help him regain that.”
* MotherAndrea nods.
<MotherAndrea> “Commendable charity.  Why you?”
<Dania> “I don't know. But, I seem to understand him, more than I should.”
<MotherAndrea> “Yes.  You understand him, as none of the rest of us can.”
<Dania> “My mind is orderly, his is chaos embodied, yet, somehow, I think we are similar.  Or, I could just be fascinated by how different he is from everyone else.”
<MotherAndrea> “He is that.”
<Dania> “Maybe I am fated to help him because neither of us knows who we are. He has lost himself, and I've never known where I came from at all.”
<MotherAndrea> “I would have believed him driven mad by the sun, but he appears from nowhere, speaking words from our scriptures.”
* MotherAndrea shrugs.
<Dania> “I spoke with him and I....touched him. I saw things...awful, loud, frightening things.”
<MotherAndrea> “You may have the second sight.  The Sisters murmur of little else, when you are out of earshot.”
<Dania> “I know.  I have better hearing than any of them imagines.  He is not mad, at least not from the sun.  What he speaks is what he truly knows.  I believe that he is truly one of the Ancients, brought here somehow.”
<MotherAndrea> “Brought by the Shining Ones, or so it would seem.”
* MotherAndrea leans back.
<MotherAndrea> “Give him back, Sister.”
<Dania> “What if they harm him?  I will not send this man to his death.”
<MotherAndrea> “They will find him anywhere They like.  These walls will shelter him tonight, by the Rule, but he may not remain.”
<Jared> (yikes)
<CrazyJack> (whoa…bummer, dude)
<Dania> “I will accompany him and stay with him until I am satisfied that he doesn't require my assistance any more.  Besides, if I am to be out and in the world, I mean to help Jared find his master. I think that the two paths are not far apart.”
<MotherAndrea> “You will wander where you like in these next months.  Take this Jack along, as far as you like, and lose him.”
<Dania> “I understand.
* MotherAndrea nods.
<Dania> “I shall return to my cell and meditate. I will leave my musings written down and sealed. If I never return, they will go to the archive as those of other lost Sisters have.”
<MotherAndrea> “If your mind can heal this stranger, so much the better.  If he is a curse that will draw Them hither, lead him away.”
<Dania> “I understand.  I'm frightened.  I've never been far outside these walls.  Not even to Cratersville.”
<MotherAndrea> “Go, then, and pray.  Think hard upon your Vow, Sister.  And see Ursula in the morning to draw a weapon for the stranger.”
<Dania> “Thank you, Mother.”
<MotherAndrea> “Sleep--if you can.”
* Dania turns to leave and suddenly turns around and hugs Mother Andrea.
<Dania> “Don't forget me.”
* MotherAndrea returns the hug.
<MotherAndrea> “Go with my blessing, and the favor of Our Lady.  Return to us soon.”
<Dania> “I will return. At least I hope so.  I wonder who Sister Anne will be angry at, without me filching cookies.”
* MotherAndrea chuckles.
<MotherAndrea> “Sister Anne will have food for you in the morning.  Be gracious.”
<Dania> “Of course.  Aren't I, always?”
* Dania leaves.
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> Sister Dania may go to her cell, or sneak back to the guest house.  Which will it be?
* Dania sneaks back to the guest house!
* Dania figures she can do her meditatation later on.
*** MotherAndrea has left #greyhawk
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> In the guest house, Jared has shown Jack the four bunks kept for males in a windowless room.  The room is lit by a single lantern, its wick turned down low.
<Jared> (to keep the nuns from peeking at us without our clothes!)
<CrazyJack> (lol)
*** Kormack has joined #greyhawk
<Jared> “Might as well get some sleep. We've a long journey ahead of us.”
<CrazyJack> “It's kinda stuffy in here.”
* Kormack tucks a sack under the cot, and sits.
<DM> China has been shown to another room, but can now join the men if she chooses.
* China does.
* Kormack nods at Jack
<Jared> (do we have a map?)
<Kormack> “Stuffy in some ways, but I like it.”
<DM> [you may ask for a map]
<Jared> “I feel a little safer in here. 
<Kormack> “Them Sisters on the wall do keep a body secure.”
<Jared> “We need a map, I think. Although I suppose it will avail us little, if we truly pass into the Otherworld.”
* Dania slips into the room after quietly inquiring as to whether everyone is decent.  She sits down on one of the bunks.
<Dania> “I've never been in this room before.”
<China> “How long will you remain here uncle?”
<Kormack> “Me?  I'll move out in the morning.  Got some business in the town.”
<China> “You travel a lot,then?  Won't come back here for some time?”
<Dania> “Kormack.  Will my habit protect me out in the world? Will they respect it and what it means?”
* Kormack nods to both the ladies.
<Kormack> “Yes, I travel a lot--not as much as in the old days, I s'pose--and yes, 'round here, the Sisters are respected.  Only the worst ruffians would bother you.”
* Dania nods.
<Jared> “How far have we to travel to reach the Otherworld?”
<Dania>” I guess that depends on whether They want us to find it or not.”
<Jared> “They can move the entrance?”
<Dania> “But then, they've called us out in a way, sending Jack here, and all.  They can hide it, I'm sure, or we'd have stumbled over it many a time before.”
<Jared> “They sent him to us so that we'd go to Them?  I'm not sure I follow.”
<CrazyJack> “All I did, sister, was take this little green pill, see?”
* Kormack rummages about in the sack at his feet.
<Dania> “I'm not sure, but Jack arrived and then the man on the walls...the "doctor" who gave him the green pill.”
* Jared is watching Kormack.
<Jared> “So what do They want from us?  Will They be expecting us to come to Them?”
<Dania> “From what the doctor said on the wall, well, it sounded like a declaration of war.”
<Jared> “I believe Master Erik was taken by the Them, and if this tunnel is the most certain way to get to the Otherworld, then let us go.”
* Kormack shakes his head, producing a tablet of precious paper.
* Jared moves closer to Kormack and looks at the tablet.
* Dania looks over at Kormack.
* Kormack squints in the dim light.
<Kormack> “I'm a fair hand, or I used to be.  Lemme draw you something.”
* CrazyJack watches from his bunk.
<Kormack> “Turn up the lantern, would you?”
* Jared turns up the lantern.
* Dania pulls her knees up to her chin, looking suddenly very young, huddled at the end of the bunk.
* Kormack pulls a drawing stick from his pocket.
* China watches intently.
<DM> In the brighter light, the room looks a little friendlier.  The dogs outside are, as is the rest of Sanctuary, quiet for the first time in a few hours.”
* Dania sits, watching Crazy Jack, intently.
<Kormack> “Cratersville here, and we're here.  Over yonder’s the King's Road, and the High Road...”
* Kormack continues sketching.
* Jared watches.
<Kormack> “I found the old market here...on the High Road, but back a ways in the rocks.”
* Kormack pauses, frowning.
<Kormack> “A market, I think.”
<Dania> “Old market? A market square?”
<Kormack> “There was a market.”
* DM sounds uncertain.
<Jared> “What is the place now?”
<Kormack> “Well, mostly just rubble now.”
* Kormack pauses.
<Kormack> “It's a tunnel, I think.”
* Kormack 's hand touches his cheek.
* Kormack continues sketching.
* Dania looks back at Jack, staring at him intently.
<Kormack> “The road is southeasterly, and the market…the place…is off to the left.”
* CrazyJack glances at Dania, then back at Kormack.
* Kormack puts down the drawing stick.
* China notices Dania's intensity and watches her and Jack, as well as her uncle.
<Kormack> “Thirty, forty miles.”
<Jared> “A tunnel to where?”
* Kormack looks sharply at Jared.
<Kormack> “To Them.”
<Dania> “To Them. Their world.”
* Kormack nods.
<Dania> “I wonder why they chose him?
* Dania points at Jack.
<CrazyJack> “Like, no one chose me, sister.”
* Kormack looks pensive.
<Kormack> “There was a butcher there.  Big guy, apron.  Quizzed me out pretty good, but he let me pass.  He was one o' Them.”
<Dania> “What is it about him that made them choose him for this particular bit of...play?”
<CrazyJack> “I ain’t a part o’ your little game.  I'm just, like, along for the ride.”
<Dania> “I don't think you understand, Jack.  It’s not our game.  It’s Theirs--and we don't know the rules.”
<Dania> “Or why we've been chosen to play.”
<CrazyJack> “Hey, like, who needs rules?”
<Jared> “Why would they send Jack to us?”
<Dania> “He's damaged.  Profoundly damaged.”
<CrazyJack> “Maybe they sent you to me.  Ever think of that?”
<Jared> “And we're all part of your dream, Jack?”
* CrazyJack looks at Jared. "Yeah, man.  Like, maybe we're sitting in the VA hospital in Frisco right now, y’know?”
<Dania> “Maybe he'll give us some information.  And maybe a thousand angels can dance on the head of a pin.  We don't know.  We can only work with what we can see.  And since all of us see the same thing, dream or no, it is our current reality.”
* CrazyJack looks pointedly at Dania.
<CrazyJack> "Like, all these negative waves are bringing me down."
* Kormack looks pityingly at Jack.
<Dania> “Jack...if you were dreaming, wouldn't China and I be unclothed?”
* Dania smiles at China.
* Kormack snorts.
<CrazyJack> (heheheh)
<Jared> (LOL!!)
* China grins.
* Jared laughs in surprise.
<Jared> “And I, obviously, would not be here.”
<CrazyJack> “Hey, I never said it was a good dream.”
<Dania> “Or you would be unclothed...you know, I've heard that some men prefer the company of other men—“
* Jared coughs loudly.
<Kormack> “Careful, Dania.  The ‘prophet’ here may call your bluff.”
<Dania> “I have read some texts from the Ancients and they are most...graphic.”
* Jared looks oddly at Dania.
<Jared> "They let you read those things??"
<Dania> “They let me read everything.”
* Jared frowns sternly.
<Jared> "No. Nobody is taking anything off.  There will be none of this foolishness."
<DM> [lol]
* Dania laughs.
<Kormack> “I was gonna tell you to take good care of the Sister, Journeyman.  But mayhap I oughta tell Jack here to watch your back.”
<Jared> “I will take care of the Sister and your niece, Kormack.”
* China smiles broadly at Jared.
* Jared tries to maintain his frown.
<Dania> “My point was that this is not a dream.  It is real, at least for now.”
* CrazyJack shrugs.
<CrazyJack> “Like, it's your reality, sister…not mine.”
<Jared> “I'll bet the Mother doesn't know you read those texts, Dania.”
* Dania shrugs.
<Dania> “Knowledge gained is always…worthwhile.”
* Dania looks all serene and prim.
<Jared> “Do we have all the supplies we need for this journey?”
<Dania> “Sister Anne will be preparing rations and tomorrow, Sister Ursula will see to a weapon for Jack.”
<DM> [You are all getting twelve more building points for your characters, by the way.  Next session will be next month, after the con.]
<Jared> “Then shall we get some rest, and prepare to set out early?”
* Kormack nods, stretching.
<Dania> “Yes, I must meditate and write my musings...you know, for in case I never return.”
<CrazyJack> “Again with the negative waves, sister!”
<Jared> “Don't think that way, Dania.”
<Kormack> “Just remember a few things, folks.”
* Dania looks.
* Jared looks at Kormack.
<Kormack> “Look sharp.  You're going down into lake country, and you'll want to watch for spiders, especially at night.  If you're fool enough to go hunting for Them, mind your manners.
* Dania listens carefully.
<Dania> “Manners.  Right.”
<CrazyJack> “Spiders?!?”
* Kormack nods to Jack.
<Dania> “They make a fair good stew if you cut out the poison sac first.”
<CrazyJack> (CrazyJack votes we only travel during the day and hermetically seal ourselves after dark in our sleeping bags)
<Dania> “If you forget, you'll never forget anything else again.”
<Kormack> “If you've never seen 'em before, Jack, let Jared or China fill you in.”
<Jared> (How big are these spiders?)
* Kormack nods, his attention back on his lecture.
<Dania> ('bout the size of a large dog.)
<Dania> (Not so big.)
<DM> [those are the babies, by the way]
<DM> [think Shelob, or nearly]
<Dania> “A few are larger, but we can only hope we don't see any adults.”
* Kormack looks approvingly at Dania.
* CrazyJack tries out a sickly cough.
<CrazyJack> “I think I’m getting sick.  You better all go on without me.”
<Jared> “Oh, those spiders. I thought you meant some kind of Otherworld spiders.”
<Dania> “They are terribly hard to kill.”
<Jared> We will just avoid them, if we can.
<Kormack> “Yes, the big 'uns are rare.  Don't meet 'em, if you can help it.  But if you see the Elves, be polite.”
<Dania> And hope that they don't take offense anyway.
* Jared nods.
* Kormack nods.
<Kormack> “Good, girl.  Remember that.  No matter how rude They are to you, or how They try to kill, you, courtesy counts with 'Em.”
<CrazyJack> “Thank you for the sword through my gut, sir elf.”
<Kormack> “Don't take any gifts.”
* Dania nods.
<Dania> “Act honored to be in their presence.  They are the Shining Ones, older than we are and wiser.”
* Kormack pauses.
<Kormack> “What was it I was gonna tell you?”
<Dania> “And don't eat any of their food.  If you do, you can never return from their land.”
* Kormack snaps his fingers.
<Kormack> “That's it.  I think.”
* Kormack looks dubious, and touches his cheek.
* Jared looks at Kormack.
<Dania> “Kormack? What if one of us killed one of Them?”
* Kormack rolls his eyes.
<Kormack> “If you do, you're luckier than I thought.”
<Jared> “Can they even be killed?  What are they vulnerable to?”
* Kormack strokes his bristly chin.
<Dania> “Cold iron.”
* Kormack starts to speak, then stops.
<Dania> “Cold iron will kill them, or so I'm told.”
<Kormack> “Mebbe.”
<Jared> (would Jared have access to any?)
<Jared> Is carrying cold iron considered an affront to them?
<Jared> Can they tell if you're carrying it?
<DM> Jared may roll a d20.
<Jared> 1d20
<DM> No cold iron for Jared…he works a low-grade ore out of the hills, or rusty scraps of the Ancients’ metal.
<Jared> Well, I don't have any cold iron anyway. Let's hope it doesn't come down to a fight.
* Kormack considers the other questions.
<Kormack> “I dunno.  I've heard the tales, but...no, I dunno.”
<Dania> “We'll have to be smart, then, and always watchful for one another.”
* Jared nods to Dania.
<Dania> “We'll need to work together and protect one another.”
<Jared> “I just hope we figure out quickly what They're doing and what has changed with them to cause these bizarre events.”
<Dania> “And figure out what they want with Jack.”
* CrazyJack shakes his head disgustedly
<Dania> “I've a feeling it will be, as he's so fond of saying, a negative vibe.”
<Jared> “It could very well be.”
<Dania> “Then, we should sleep and be ready to go in the morning.”
<Jared> “I agree. I'm ready to get started.”
* Kormack yawns.
<Dania> “I've got to get back to my cell.”
* China gives her uncle a fond hug and a kiss on the cheek, and scurries off to her bed.
* CrazyJack mutters
<CrazyJack> "Like, why couldn’t I have taken a red pill?"
* Kormack smiles fondly after China.
* Dania waves at the men and heads off to bed.
<Dania> (I've got to go, sorry!
<DM> [lol scott]
*** Dania has quit IRC
<CrazyJack> we going to call it here then?   let john get some sleep?
<China> seems like a good place
<China> we will head out when next we meet
<DM> [we can do that...The morning will mean you're all together again...if the radioactive ninjas leave any of you alive]
<China> someone send me a reminder -- about a week in advance
<China> lol
<CrazyJack> sounds like a plan to me.. speaking of which, when are we playing again?   2 weeks from now is dragoncon
<DM> We could try for two weeks after that...give us time to regroup, and for y'all to assing your 12 points.
<DM> [assign]
<China> sounds like a plan then
<China> see ya next wed all
<CrazyJack> that's ok by me
<CrazyJack> yeppers
<China> nighters
<CrazyJack> have a good week all!
<CrazyJack> thanks john!
*** China has quit IRC
<DM> I'll send you each an e-mail, in the near future, before the next game, anyway.
<CrazyJack> okey doke
<DM> Good night, y'all.
<CrazyJack> good night :-)
*** CrazyJack has quit IRC
*** DM has quit IRC
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*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Aug 17 21:56:46 2006

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