under the hill
chapter three: lock and load, part 2

Session Start: Thu Aug 03 19:00:37 2006
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<CrazyJack> howdy :-)
<DM> Hey, there!
<DM> Recalcitrant doggie here.  Had to perform a tickectomy and treat her with Revolution.
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<DM> Two-person job.
<DM> Hi, Gina.
<Dania> Hello!
<CrazyJack> ahh.. tick season is it
<CrazyJack> hiya gina
<Dania> Ugh....ticks.
<DM> Lynne's walking a couple more doglets, and then she'll be here.
<Dania> Hello!
<Dania> How many doggies do you have now?
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<Dania> Hello Melissa!
<DM> Four, with Miss whiney-fluffy-prancer.
<CrazyJack> hiya melissa
<China> howdy
<DM> Hey, melissa.
<Dania> You have a poodle?
<DM> Just a mutt outta the pound.
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<Dania> She's a cute little girl!
<Dania> WOW! We're all gonna be here tonight.
<China> woo hoo
<CrazyJack> yep!  :-)
<DM> She’s a sweet dog, but weird about slick floors.  Won't walk on 'em of her own volition.
<CrazyJack> i saw a dog like that on Dog Whisperer
<China> bad experience with them, or is it the shine that wigs her out?
<DM> Lynne will be a very few more minutes.
<DM> Her footing seems unsure, and she slips.
<DM> The dog, that is.
<Dania> I always find it funny when they are sitting on linoleum and their little feet keep sliding further and further apart!
<DM> If anyone needs a review of last time, the log is posted with the others.  We had a quiet little session, mostly Jack and Dania over dinner.
<China> my girlfriends dog likes to hear his nails click on lino
<DM> Heh.  We hear a lot of that sound around here.
<Dania> Here too....
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<Dania> Hello Lynne!
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<Jared> Hi!!
<CrazyJack> hiya lynne!
<Jared> How have y'all been?
<CrazyJack> good thx :-)
<CrazyJack> counting the days to dragoncon
<DM> We learned last night that James won't be able to make DragonCon this year...but that Debi probably will?
<CrazyJack> she says she will
<DM> kewl
<DM> We'll be glad to meet her.
<DM> Any questions before we launch this sucker for tonight?
<CrazyJack> cant think of any
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> . “Lock And Load, Part 2”
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> Sanctuary 
<DM>  July, 192
<DM> 10 p.m.
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> There are still voices heard across the compound.  The Sisters are talking about the strange visitors and stranger events of tonight.  In the guest house, Dania, Jack, Jared and China are enjoying the soup.  China seems to have recovered from the effects of the tasering.  Kormack arrived in the afternoon after an absence of some weeks.  He left immediately, but is expected back anytime now.
* Jared is trying to overhear what the Sisters are saying, and eats his soup with his ears perked up.
* CrazyJack is enjoying his soup as well.
* Dania sits picking at some bread, talking with Jack about where he comes from, and what it is like there, in the "ancient world."
<DM> Sister Anne makes a clatter in the kitchen, cleaning up after the meal.  She mutters to herself occasionally.
* China is watching everyone closely--but not looking like it--while enjoying the soup.
<Dania> “Jack, I read that there used to be huge rooms where people would gather to watch moving pictures.  Illusions of stories.  Have you ever seen such a thing?”
<DM> Photography is a rare art these days, but moving pictures are not unheard of.  Not available commercially, and no such venues are open to the public.
<CrazyJack> “Ya mean movies?”
* Dania smiles.
<Dania> “Movies. I like that.  Are they wonderful to see?”
<CrazyJack> “Oh, yeah, man.  Watching Woodstock on the big screen was just like being there all over again.”
<Dania> “A play, but without the actors there...sounds strange, but what can we know of the Ancients?”
<Jared> “How did you get here, Jack?”
* CrazyJack shrugs at Jared.
<CrazyJack> “I took this little green pill, see, and next thing I know, I wake up here.  Well, I dreamed I woke up here.  I'm still waiting to really wake up.”
* Dania tries to sound patient.
<Dania> “Jack.  I don't think this is a dream. You are here, somehow.”
* CrazyJack laughs. 
<CrazyJack> "Sure, sister.  Sure."
* Dania grins at Jared, and leans over to pinch Jack--hard!
* Jared gasps, then laughs.
* CrazyJack frowns at Dania, then chuckles.
<DM> There is a call from one of the Warden Sisters, up on the wall, probably.  It doesn't sound urgent.
<Jared> “Who were those people?  If they were people, that is.”
<Dania> “I wonder if that's Kormack returning?  I'll go check. He'll want to meet Jack!”
<DM> You can hear the cry of "Open!"
* Dania runs outside to see if it is indeed Kormack.
<CrazyJack> “So, who is this Kormack?”
<DM> Kormack is well known to the Sisterhood.  He is a frequent guest here, and occasionally brings in relics from the ruins he loves to explore.  He is one of a handful of friends of the Sisters who are allowed to bear weapons inside the walls.
<Jared> “He's an explorer, scholar, and trader.  He brings in artifacts, sometimes.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, righteous!”
<Dania> [BRB]
<Jared> “He knows a lot.  Been around a long time.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, how long?  Centuries?”
<Jared> “No, maybe sixty years or so.”
* Jared smiles for a moment.
<Jared> “I do wonder, though, if those visitors were...um...the Folk?”
<CrazyJack> “And who might the folk be?”
<Jared> “You know.  Them. The Gentry.  The Kindly Ones.”
<CrazyJack> “If you say so, dude.”
*** Kormack has joined #greyhawk
<DM> The door to the guest house opens again, and in come Dania and old Kormack, who is sweating from the evening heat.  Kormack is a tall, lean man of sixty-some years. He wears leather trousers and a chamois shirt, and carries a sack. Perched atop his balding head are a pair of goggles.  He gives everyone a friendly wave, and unbuckles a belt with a holstered pistol.
* Dania leans close to him talking animatedly with him. They seem to be close friends.
<Jared> “Maybe he can tell us more about these visitors.”
* Jared greets Kormack.
* Dania serves Kormack something cool to drink, and some bread and soup.
* CrazyJack holds up his hand and splits his fingers (i.e., "live long and prosper").
<DM> [hee]
* Jared looks oddly at Jack.
* Kormack looks at Jared, and grins.
<Kormack> “Congratulations, ‘Journeyman.’"
<Jared> Thank you, sir. Would that I still had a Master in residence, however.
* China moves to greet Kormack, a great smile on her face.
* Dania watches China.
* Kormack spots China, and his jaw drops.
<Kormack> “China?
* China beams and embraces him warmly.
* Jared looks at Kormack in surprise.
* Kormack hugs China, still amazed.
<Kormack> “Is it really you, girl?”
* China nods, and seems a bit choked up.
<China> “I have missed you.”
<Dania> “So, how do you two know one another?”
* Kormack looks dumbfounded.
<Kormack> “This…this is my brother's daughter.”
* Kormack hugs China tightly, and releases her.
<Kormack> “I thought you lost with…with the shop.  But let me look at you, girl!  All grown up.  A little, anyway.”
* China nods and smiles as he looks her over, she even giggles at his remark
* Kormack smiles, and may be tearing up a little.  He drops the sack he'd carried.  It hits the floor with a thump and a clank.
* Dania smiles and sits.
<Dania> “Really, how nice that she has found you.”
* Jared smiles at Dania.
<Dania> “What did you find, this trip?”
* Dania asks curiously.
* Kormack hugs China again.
<China> “I didn't expect to see you here, Uncle.”
* China hugs back, and then looks to the bag as well.
<China> “What's in the sack?” 
* Kormack grins and looks fondly at China.
<Kormack> “Now, what kind of uncle would I be if I hadn't brought our little China doll a present?  But that can be for later.”
* China grins sweetly.
<China> "Oh, Uncle Ernie, seeing you is present enough." 
<Dania> “Oh, this is the visitor I mentioned to you earlier.  Jack, the hippie from San Francisca.”
* Kormack spares Jack a quick look.
<CrazyJack> “Frisco.”
<Kormack> “Frisco?  Where's that?”
<CrazyJack> “California.”
<Dania> “But we all know that Kalifornia is a wasteland.  No one lives there now. ‘The cries of Oakland went unanswered.’”
* Kormack raises an eyebrow at Dania.
<Kormack> “Been hitting the books, Sister?”
<Dania> “Sorry, I was talking to Ursula tonight.”
* Kormack nods sympathetically.
<Dania> “And Isolde.”
<CrazyJack> “Hey, like, I was there just yesterday.  It aint no wasteland, ya know.”
<Dania> “That is why I think that you have come to us from the past.”
* Kormack rolls his eyes.
<Dania> “Kormack, it is not unheard of, is it? For travelers to be lost in time?”
* Kormack spares Jack another look.
<Kormack> “Well, I don't mean to be rude, but I've got to talk with my niece.”
<Dania> “All right.  It is getting late anyway.  I'm to report to the Reverend Mother come morning. I think I'm to take Jack to the Fair Folk.”
* Kormack grimaces.
* China beams, then looks worried for a split second.
<Jared> “So, Dania, you believe that Jack has come to us from the past? How could this be possible? Did They do it, for reasons known only to Them?”
<Dania> “I think they did, Jared.”
* CrazyJack looks at Dania pointedly.
<CrazyJack> "I ain’t no traveler, sister--timewise or any otherwise.  I took a freakin' green pill."
<Kormack> “I've met me more than one time traveler out on the flats, if you know what I mean.  No offense, stranger.”
<Jared> “The pill was likely symbolic, then. A choice.”
* Kormack glances at Jared, startled at this insight.
<Jared> “They are ever known to make such symbolic bargains with mortals.”
<Dania> “I've always wondered about the Fair Folk, and now I'll see them from closer than ever before.  I've seen them dancing in the moonlight many times, but to go to them, to seek them out....it is frightening and exciting.”
<CrazyJack> “Van Morrison?”
* Kormack stares at Dania.
<Kormack> “No need to speak of them now, surely.”
* Jared looks curiously at Jack.
<Jared> “Who?”
<CrazyJack> “No, no.  Not the Who.  Van Morrison.”
<DM> [lol]
<Jared> “I fear for the safety of Master Erik, however.  I don't know why They have taken him.”
<Dania> “Well, if I'm to accompany Jack, here, you come along and we'll look for Master Erik as well. Take two birds with one stone.”
* Kormack takes China aside, and speaks softly with her, hugging her again.
* China hugs back and listens intently.
* Jared nods.
<Jared> “What will They want with Jack, here?”
<Dania> “Is this Van Morrison a friend of yours, Jack?”
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> “Well, I don't know, but he was the only one who had seen that…man before, so he's clearly important to them in some way.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh.  I guess you could say that.”
<Dania> “Maybe just a plaything.  You know how They can be.”
<Jared> “Oh, now that can't be good.  I wish I had more time to study Their lore before we depart, but I fear for Master Erik and feel it would not be wise to tarry.”
<Dania> “Get some sleep.  I'll meet you by the gates come morn.  After prayers, of course.”
* Dania smiles.
<Dania> “Matins.  I've been late for them the last week, every day.  One thing and another has put me behind.  I went without my shoes yesterday because I couldn't find them.”
* Kormack, while speaking quietly to China, taps his forehead while looking at Dania.
* Dania looks over at him.
* Jared looks at Kormack.
* Dania nods a little, uncertain whether she understands.
<Dania> “Jack.  A moment, please, again.”
<CrazyJack> “Hmm?”
* Dania reaches over and touches Jack's hand again, wondering if images will come this time.
<CrazyJack> (brb.. gotta put the parrot to bed)
<DM> [bedtime for birdie]
* Jared is watching.
* Dania winces and clutches Jack's hand hard, her nails digging into his wrist as she cries out.
* Dania lets go then.
* Kormack whirls to look at Dania.
* Dania blinks.
<CrazyJack> (back)
* CrazyJack grabs his hand back.
<CrazyJack> "What the hell!?"
*Dania sings.
<Dania> "Find somebody to loooove"
<Dania> “Sorry I scratched you.  It was a woman singing.  Loud.”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, sister.  Grace.”
<Dania> “The noise...where you come from, it is noisy.  Horrid thundering noises...as if the world is coming apart all around you.”
<CrazyJack> “Naw, sister.  That's rock!”
<Dania> “No, it was a voice.  I've never heard a rock sing.”
*CrazyJack looks at the scratch.
<CrazyJack> "Just a flesh wound."
* Kormack approaches Dania, squinting at her.
<Dania> “Though, if you chew certain herbs, you can imagine such things.”
<CrazyJack> “Herbs?” 
* CrazyJack's ears pick up.
<DM> [lol]
<CrazyJack> “Rock 'n' roll, sister!  Jefferson Airplane?  Grace Slick?”
<Kormack> “How do you, Sister?”
<Dania> “I'm fine. I think I'm to be tasked with returning Jack to the Fair Folk tomorrow.”
<Jared> “Where are They?  Have you been told how to get to Them?”
<Dania> “Should be interesting.  More so than sitting in the archive, cross-referencing.”
<Kormack> “Take it easy, Sister.”
* Kormack looks genuinely concerned. 
<Dania> “Air plane.  Airplane.  Metal birds that flew across the skies, one of the many wonders of the Ancient world.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, where can I find me some of those herbs?”
<Jared> “Herbs grow everywhere. The Sisters grow them, too.”
<Dania> “I suspect you've had enough of them to last you a while, Jack.”
<DM> [lol]
<Jared> “Master Kormack, have you heard anything about Master Erik on your travels?
*Kormack shakes his head, and looks at Jared. 
<Kormack> “No, not of late.  He's doing well, is he?  Prospering still?”
<Jared> “He was, but he disappeared.  He had taken a commission from a mysterious client, and then he vanished.  We fear the worst.”
<Kormack> “What?  How long back?”
<Jared> “Three days ago.”
<Kormack> “Mystery client?  A baron of Cratersville, maybe?  Who else could afford his services?”
<Jared> “He would never allow us or the apprentices to formally meet the client.  We spied, of course. The man was tall, with long silver hair. Richly dressed.”
* Kormack strokes his chin.
<Kormack> “Outlander, maybe.”
<Jared> “The sword was odd, too. The basket hilt was a strange greenish metal, fashioned like swirling leaves, and the hilt was bronze and in the shape of an acorn.”
* Kormack purses his lips.
<Jared> “Only the master worked on it. We weren't allowed near it.”
* CrazyJack is humming and singing under his breath
<Kormack> “Green.”
<Jared> “Hmm?”
* Kormack squints.
<Kormack> “What's all this talk of the Others, then?”
<Dania> “We think that the Fair Folk may be involved.”
* Kormack appears to take Dania seriously for the first time.
<Kormack> “Are They bugging you Sisters again?”
* Jared looks very interested in this line of discussion.
<Dania> “Not lately. Though I've watched them dance a time or two.”
<Kormack> “Recently?”
* Jared murmurs. "Amazing. I've never seen any such thing."
<Dania> “Last full moon,--what, two weeks ago?  I snuck out to watch.”
<Kormack> “Sister.  Dania.  Think carefully.. What did They look like?”
<Dania> “Got pretty close this time.”
* Dania thinks about what she saw.
<Dania> “I saw a few that were familiar to me, the usual dancers, but there were a few who had never been there before.  They seemed different from the others; their dancing was definitely different...but it is hard to describe how.”
<Kormack> “They took human form?  Or close enough?”
* Dania nods.
<Dania> “They were also larger than my usual ones. There were three circles, instead of the usual one, one of the wee ones I usually see and two of the larger, fiercer ones.”
* CrazyJack interrupts Dania and Kormack
<CrazyJack> “This is, like, all very fascinating…in a cosmic sort of way...but. like, where were these herbs again?”
<Dania> “Have you ever seen the fairies dance?”
* Kormack lets his breath out in a whoosh.
<Jared> “Was it some type of magical working, Dania?”
* Kormack takes a seat, and looks at Jack.
<Kormack> “Pardon my poor manners, stranger.”
<Dania> “Jared, they dance in the wood behind the back wall, every full moon and I've been watching them nearly every moon since I was about six.”
* Kormack holds out his hand to Jack.
<Kormack> “Ernie Kormack.”
<Dania> “But Kormack is right, this time was different.”
* CrazyJack shakes Kormack's hand. 
<CrazyJack> "Jack Nesbitt.  Crazy Jack for short.”
*Kormack grins.
<Kormack> “But not for long, eh?”
* Dania laughs a little.
<Dania> “Hmm.  I never figured you to have a name other than Kormack the Scholar.”
<Kormack> “Well, Master Nesbitt, it sounds as though things are starting to get hot here.  You've come at a mighty strange time.” 
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, well, Ernie…like, I took this green pill, see.”
<Dania> “Jared, I wonder if the entrance to their land is near the place where they dance?”
<Jared> “Good point, Dania.  At least it should give a clue.”
<Dania> “A starting point, at the very least.  But I do worry about what they want with Jack.  They seem hostile toward him.  And if they've taken your master as well…They are displeased about something.”
<Kormack> “You've seen 'Em talk to Nesbitt, here?”
<Jared> “Or there is trouble brewing, and they need someone like Master Erik.  He's the finest swordsmith I know.”
<Dania> “And angry Fairies are not something I'm eager to face.”
<Kormack> “Careful how you name 'Em, Sister.”
<CrazyJack> “I'm not eager to face peaceful ones, sister!”
* Dania gives a small word of apology to any of the Fair Ones who might have heard her speak.
<Dania> “I did not mean to offend.”
* Dania tells of the appearance of the "Doctor" on the walls.
<DM> Everyone roll an INT feat, please.  DM only.
<CrazyJack> “Like, who'd you offend?  I don’t see no fairies around.
<Dania> “They are often unseen. We have no wish to offend the Kindly Ones.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, they don’t sound very kindly.”
<Jared> “Shhh! Don't say Their name.”
<CrazyJack> “Whose name?”
<Jared> “Call them the Gentry.  The Folk.  The Kindly Ones.  But not by Their name. Although I am not particularly superstitious, even I am careful not to name Them.
<CrazyJack> “The fairies have a name?”
* China moves quietly to peek into the kitchen.
* Kormack looks at Jack.
<Kormack> “You're not from around here, are you?”
* Dania follows China to the kitchen.
* CrazyJack laughs.
<CrazyJack> “Naw man, I'm from Frisco.  That's in California.”
<Dania> “Sister Anne?”
* Dania calls.
<DM> China surprises a guilty-looking Sister Anne, who has obviously been listening in.
*** SisterAnne has joined #greyhawk
<Dania> “Is everything all right back here, Sister?  Seemed awfully quiet.”
* China giggles.
* SisterAnne reddens.
<SisterAnne> “Ah...um.”
<Dania> “No matter, then. Hope you're enjoying your evening's entertainment.”
* Dania goes back to the table, laughing at having gotten the best of Sister Anne for once!
* SisterAnne 's look turns ugly.
* Jared winks at Dania, out of sight of Sister Anne.
* Dania grins at Jared, clearly unaware of Anne's change of mood!
* China moves back near Kormack
<SisterAnne> “You've been sneaking out to watch Them Others?  When the Mother told you to keep your head down and your prayers lifted upward?”
* Dania turns.
<Dania> “Watching does not detract from my prayers, nor does it harm anyone.”
* SisterAnne shakes a fleshy finger at Dania.
<SisterAnne> “The Others are occasion for sin.  How do you like your Vow lately, Sister?”
<SisterAnne> 1d20
<Kormack> 1d20
<Dania> “I've broken no vows, I've not shirked my duties. No one save you has ever complained.”
* Kormack stands, and clears his throat.
* Dania folds her arms and stands straight and tall, her face growing redder by the moment.
<Kormack> “Sister Anne...good to see you again.  I mind me that I've not eaten since this morning.”
* Jared stands and walks closer to Sister Anne.
<SisterAnne> 1d20
<Jared> “I would think, Sister, that this is a matter between Sister Dania and the Mother.”
* SisterAnne looks as though she wants to spit at Dania, but masters her rage.
* Jared comes close enough to Sister Anne that he's able to use his height to advantage, and stares calmly at her.
<SisterAnne> “This is not a matter for menfolk, journeyman.”
* Dania watches Anne closely, as a rabbit does a predator.
<SisterAnne> 1d20
<Jared> “I grew up here, Sister. I know what's what.”
* SisterAnne looks a bit intimidated. She turns and stalks into the kitchen.
* Dania relaxes and sits down on the bench.
<Dania> “Of all the people to have overheard that.”
* Jared nods and goes back to sit down.
<DM> [lol...yep]
<Dania> “She has always disliked me.”
<Jared> “Well, there more than a few who dislike her. She makes few allies with her holier-than-thou attitude.
<Dania> “Yes, but her cooking wins over many others.  I will even make nice for one of her berry tarts.”
<Jared> “I wouldn't worry further, if I were you.”
* Dania smiles.
<Dania> “Oh, well...the cat is out of its sack now.”
<SisterAnne> 1d20
<Jared> “So what is this about a…fairy ring in the woods? I knew nothing of this.”
<DM> 1d20
<Dania> “Oh, it has been there forever. I've been watching since I was very small.”
<DM> A small loaf of bread is hurled at Kormack, but he catches it expertly.
* Kormack grins.
<Kormack> “Thank you, Sister Anne!”
<Dania> “Since I was five or six, I think. I used to drag Janni out, but she claims she's too grown up for such things now.”
<Jared> “And you say new dancers showed up? How recently? And what did they look like?”
* Kormack shakes his head and turns back to the table. He takes a seat.
<Kormack> “I'd like to hear this, if you don't mind, Sister.”
<Dania> “The dancers have been growing in number for about a year, but recently there were many more, on the last moonrise.”
* Kormack frowns.
<Kormack> “This is bad.”
<Dania> “The new ones are beautiful, but more serious than the ones I've always seen.”
<Jared> “What color hair?”
<Dania> “The old dancers used to take notice of me, they would wave and smile, even laugh as I watched. The new ones pretend that I'm not there, or they glare in my direction.”
<Dania> “Hair?  They glow, seemingly from within.”
<Jared> “They actually glare at you?  What can this mean, Kormack?”
<Dania> “One or two of them.  I just thought they didn’t like me watching.”
<Kormack> “They've killed people for watchin'.”
<Dania> “The two who usually came to get the sweets I always take weren't there this time. They didn't even take my offerings.  They've always taken them before.”
<Kormack> “That's worse.  They usually keep to the old compacts.”
<Jared> “That's alarming. Is there some kind of war brewing?”
<Dania> “I never thought of that.  Kormack? What do you think?”
* Kormack rubs his cheek.
<Kormack> “We had a deal.”
* Kormack shakes his head.
<Jared> “Deal?”
<Dania> “Deal?”
<Kormack> “Can't do harm to tell you now, I s'pose.”
* Jared frowns.
<Kormack> “I don't want you kids gettin' any ideas, though.  Hear?”
* Kormack shakes his finger at the group.
* Kormack looks uncomfortable, glancing at China.
<Kormack> “This was way back, before you were born, girl.”
* China looking intently and listening closely
<Kormack> “I went lookin' for a door, once, into Faerie.  You know me.  I like explorin'.”
* Jared is listening intently.
<Dania> “Did you find one?”
<Kormack> “I messed with somethin' I hadn’t oughta.  I don't remember much about what they did to me...”
* Kormack rubs his cheek absently.
<Kormack> “...but we made a deal.  They wouldn't bother Sanctuary, and they'd keep outta town.  Never bother folks direct.”
* Jared looks worried.
<Dania> “So, something has changed and the deal seems to be off.”
* Kormack is speaking softly now, so as not to carry over the renewed clatter in the kitchen.
* CrazyJack listens, but doesn’t understand even half of it.
<China> “This in return for what, Uncle?”
<Kormack> “And I'd never get to...I'd never go back into Their country.”
<Jared> “What could break the deal?”
<Kormack> “I never tried to get back.  I've done naught to peeve 'Em.”
* Kormack 's hand goes to his cheek, but falls back into his lap.
<Jared> “Why would so many show up to the dance? And why the different rings? 'Tis all so odd.”
<China> “You don't think that Dania's watching could have done it, do you?  If she has done it all these years, why would it suddenly make them mad now?”
<Kormack> “They ain't nothing like us, girl.  Sometimes just noticin' 'Em can be irksome.  But you’ve the right of it, girl—why now?  And why dance here if They don’t wanna be watched?
* Kormack is peering closely at Jack.
* CrazyJack looks back at Kormack
<Kormack> “You, Master Nesbitt.  You've not got Their look, and you're solid enough.”
<Dania> “I've been watching them so long...the usual ones knew I was there, they even came close to take the milk and cakes I always bring.  They smile at me.”
<Jared> “If there are Others who are new to the area, maybe the watching is offensive to Them. Maybe a new crowd is in the area, and this is part of the problem.”
* Kormack frowns, considering this.
<Jared> “I wonder if there really might be a war on.”
<Dania> “Between them, or between them and us?”
<Jared> Why take the best swordsmith in the area, perhaps the best in the kingdom?
* Dania looks confused and suddenly concerned.
* Kormack nods, slowly.
<Jared> “Between them, maybe to do with us, though. Maybe there are those who want to attack us, and others who do not.”
<Kormack> “They seem t’be of two minds, at least.”
<Jared> “Master Erik is a true genius at his art.”
<Kormack> “And why come to Erik for a sword of…green metal?”
<CrazyJack> “If he's such a genius, like, maybe he will make them dull blades
<Jared> “Interesting point, Jack.”
* Kormack looks impressed by Jack’s suggestion.
<Jared> “Maybe the sword is made to kill Them, in particular.”
<CrazyJack> “Who are them?  The faeries?”
<Jared> “Shh!”
* Jared looks over his shoulder worriedly.
* Kormack turns to Jared.
<Kormack> “How's Mistress Elaine?  And little...Laurana?  They have a safe place to stay?”
<Jared> “Laurana isn't so little anymore. She's my age. They are staying with the mistress's family, and the two 'prentices are with them. We locked up the smithy.”
* Kormack thinks.
<Kormack> “I s'pose if They wanted ‘em, They'd-a taken 'em.”
<Jared> “And may still, should Master Erik prove...difficult.  The mistress's mother is a wisewoman, so I am thinking she would know how to protect them. Her cottage is well warded.”
* Kormack smiles faintly.
<Kormack> “Mother Elspeth still kickin', then?”
<Jared> “Indeed she is, Kormack, and enjoys her 'baccy as much as ever.”
<Kormack> “Well, it's a proven charm.”
<Dania> “Sanctuary should be safe, with the protections of Saint Mary Ann.”
<Jared> “Is it too dangerous, then, for us to even consider going into the Otherworld?”
* Kormack closes his eyes.
<Kormack> “You don't want to go messin' in Faerie, son.”
* Kormack sighs, and leans toward Jared.
<Kormack> “But you've got the scent of 'Em, ain't ya?  There'll be no turnin' your head, eh?”
<Jared> “I have to find Master Erik. I promised Mistress Elaine. And Laurana. 'Tis my duty.”
<Kormack> “Erik was always too easy on you.”
<Jared> “What?
* Jared looks at Kormack in surprise.”
<Kormack> “He *liked* you, right off.”
* Kormack smiles.
<Kormack> “And you'd do 'most anything for him, would ya?”
<Jared> “Absolutely!”
* Kormack chuckles.
<Kormack> “He didn't take a switch to you near enough, then.”
<Jared> “Oh, but he did.  Anyway, what are you talking about?  What has this to do with rescuing Master Erik?”
<Kormack> “Rescuing?  Y'don't rescue them's been taken, boy!”
<Jared> “Then what?”
<Dania> “Yes, what, then?”
* Kormack grits his teeth.
<Kormack> “But I s'pose ya don't walk away from a man like Erik, neither.”
* Kormack leans back, and sighs again.
<Kormack> “Elaine musta let you get inta her storybooks, too.”
<Jared> “There's obviously something bigger going on. People appearing out of nowhere...from the past?  Attacks on Sanctuary.  Odd doings at the dances in the woods.”
<Kormack> “But are ya ready to die for it?”
* Kormack 's gaze is serious.
<Jared> “If we do nothing at all, then what? Won't we eventually have to deal with whatever it is, anyway?”
<CrazyJack> “Hey, like, I'm just here for the ride, ya know.”
<Kormack> “Well, I'm forsworn.  I can't take you there.”
<Jared> “Can you at least tell us what we need to know?”
* Kormack puts his face in his hands.
<Kormack> “I c'n give ya a nukin' map.”
* Kormack 's oath is the nastiest you have heard from him.
* Dania blushes at the harsh words.
<Dania> “Kormack, you once told me that I might find answers in their world, since there are none to be had here.”
<Kormack> “I was jokin', girl!”
<Dania> “Maybe my visions come to me for a reason. Maybe this is what was fated.
* Kormack pauses, and looks at Dania.”
<Kormack> “Not you, too?  You're not thinkin'-a goin', are ya?”
<Jared> “A map?”
* SisterAnne is running water loudly in the kitchen.
* Dania is still whispering.
<Dania> “Mother Andrea has asked to see me come morning. I think she's sending Jack to them--wth me to escort him.”
* Kormack is silent for a long moment.
<Kormack> “Oh.”
<CrazyJack> “Hey, like I got no part in this.  I ain't goin' nowhere.”
<Jared> “Why would she want Jack to go to Them?”
<Dania> “I don't know.  Just a feeling I have.  I'll see what she says.”
<Kormack> “She got some scripture up her tailpipe?”
* Kormack 's language is a bit coarse. He seems upset.
<Dania> “Probably. She is a Sister after all, our Reverend Mother.”
<Jared> “And what of China?”
<Kormack> “What?  China?”
<Dania> Sister Isolde did mention prophecy.....and the cries of Oakland....and Saint Francisco, walking alone.
* Kormack whirls to look at China.
<Kormack> “I hope you're not inta this foolishness, girl.”
* Kormack turns back to Dania.
<Kormack> “Let Isolde get wound up on this, did ya?”
<Dania> “I had little choice.  She was here when it all happened.”
* Kormack shakes his head.
<Kormack> She’s a good sort, but she sees a dust devil, she thinks it's a sign from the Goddess.”
<Dania> “She was a wandering Sister, and knows more of the world than most of us.”  You see a dust devil and are sure it’s simply a dust devil.  I think the truth is somewhere between the two. Sometimes the Goddess sends signs, sometimes not.”
* Kormack shrugs.
<Jared> “So what do you think they've done with Master Erik?  Surely he still lives?”
<Kormack> “Journeyman, I couldn't tell ya what They've done with Erik, or if indeed They took ‘im.”
<Dania> “And I've been spying on Them my whole life.  Is it a sign?  I don't know, but it is unusual.”
<Kormack> “I dunno, Sister.  Everything's wrong, sudden-like.”
<Dania> “Well, the only way to deal with wrong is to work to make it right.”
<Jared> “Maybe the first Ones we meet will be the ones who like you, Dania.”
<Kormack> “They don't ‘like’ us mortals.  At best, we're play-toys.”
<Dania> “Maybe, maybe not.  In any case, I should be off to my bed. Matins come early and Mother Andrea still wants to see me. I'd best be off.  Good night Kormack.  Jared, Jack, China.”
<Jared> “I shall seek my bed, as well.”
* Dania kisses Kormack on the cheek and pats Jared on the shoulder.
<CrazyJack> “G'night.”
<Dania> “‘Night, Jack.  Sleep well, and may your dreams be kind to you.”
<CrazyJack> “Umm…like, where am I sleeping?”
<Dania> “You have a room upstairs.  I think you're sharing with Jared.”
<Jared> “Come with me, Jack. I'll find you a place in the men's quarters.”
* CrazyJack nods.
* Dania heads off to the convent.
* Kormack frowns, and turns to China.
<Kormack> “Not you, too, girl?  An hour ago I thought you long dead.”
* CrazyJack follows Jared
* Kormack shakes his head.
* Kormack rises, and speaks to China quietly and seriously.
<Kormack> “We'll talk more in the mornin'.  You sleep on this, China.”
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<DM> Dania leaves the guest house for the convent proper, ready to see the Mother.  As Dania walks up the stairs, she is approached by Sister Isolde, who looks tired and troubled.
*** SisterIsolde has joined #greyhawk
* SisterIsolde was one of the wandering sisters until a few years ago. She is nearly seventy years old and now walks with a cane, due to the injury which keeps her from traveling. She is now one of the keepers of the archive and bears the distinction of having learned to use every weapon in the arsenal. She has brought many treasures to the archive. She has no use for men or outsiders of any stamp. She is the greatest expert on the life of St. MaryAnn, having studied her journals extensively.
<DM> [thanks to Gina who created Isolde]
* Dania looks at Isolde.
<Dania> “Sister?”
* Dania looks at her, silently asking what is wrong.
<SisterIsolde> “A moment, Sister?”
<Dania> “Yes, of course.”
* Dania smiles, having always liked this particular Sister.
* SisterIsolde looks around, and sees no one else about.
<SisterIsolde> “You're going a-wandering, I hear.  First time.”
<Dania> “Yes, so I've gathered.  If nothing else, it should promise to be interesting.”
<SisterIsolde> “It's a great gift, and you should thank the Mother.  Few are allowed to leave the Rule for any length of time.”
<Dania> “I’ll be careful.  There is something else, Sister?  You seem out of breath.  Are you feeling unwell?”
* SisterIsolde leans in close, and whispers.
<SisterIsolde> “I've seen Them from my window, too, upon occasion.”
<Dania> “You have?  I thought I was the only one....well, Janni and I.”
* SisterIsolde 's voice shakes, and tears well in her eyes.
* Dania looks concerned and takes the older woman's hand.
<Dania> “What is it?”
<SisterIsolde> “In my last nights as a novice, he came to me…calling my name so sweetly, and praising my fairness.”
<Dania> “He?”
<SisterIsolde> “Don't laugh.  'Twas true enough, in those days.  I were a young girl once, as you are, and thought a beauty by some.”
<Dania> “I'm not laughing, I have heard that you turned more than a few heads when you were a girl.”
<SisterIsolde> “He named himself Erwilian, and he spoke of such things as are better left unsaid within our walls.  Fey though he were, he were still a man, and men want but one thing of women.  I ne'er let him in my window, but he gave me such dreams…”
<Dania> “Dreams?”
* SisterIsolde blushes through her tears.
<Dania> “Dreams are nothing to be shamed by.”
* SisterIsolde looks old, older than usual.  Her Cratersville accent, usually suppressed, is strong now.
<SisterIsolde> “I were a good girl, and hoped my Vow would keep me strong.  But when I took my first Sabbatical, I went looking for my Erwilian, ready to break my Vow to…to be with him.”
<Dania> “Sisters are not always bound to be chaste--though I suppose a liaison with one of the Fair Ones would be considered a sin by some.  Did you find him?  Erwilian?”
<SisterIsolde> “I didn't find him, try as I might.  And he ne'er came again to me in the night, except in dreams.”
* SisterIsolde shakes her head, now weeping openly.
<Dania> “Have you dreamed of him again?”
* SisterIsolde doesn't appear to be listening closely.  Her eyes are elsewhere.
<SisterIsolde> “I have a gift for you, Sister Dania.” 
* Dania just watches and listens.
<Dania> “Yes, Sister?” 
* SisterIsolde hands Dania a holstered pistol. 
<SisterIsolde> “Years later, when my turn came for a second Sabbatical, I took this pistol with me as I give it to you now.  I've cleaned it every month, and checked its action.  There are three slugs in it: steel-jacketed iron.”
* SisterIsolde gives Dania the Sisterly kiss upon each cheek.
* Dania takes the weapon and returns the kiss.
<Dania> “Thank you.”
<SisterIsolde> “I'd ask only this in return...”
<Dania> “Yes. Anything.”
<SisterIsolde> “Do you find the fairy gentleman called Erwilian, kill him.  Kill him for me.”
* SisterIsolde 's eyes blaze.
<Dania> “Might I ask why?”
<SisterIsolde> “Kill him dead.”
* SisterIsolde turns to hobble away on her cane, wiping away tears.
<SisterIsolde> “And I will sleep the quieter.”
<Jared> (egad!)
<Dania> “I give you my word, upon my honor, should I see him, I will do as you ask.”
* SisterIsolde sniffs.
<DM>.  To be continued…
<Jared> (good god! so much for nice old ladies!)
<Dania> (Hearing screams from upstairs.....got to go....sorry!)
<CrazyJack> (uh-oh)
<Dania> (I think we may have another bat in the house! Ick)
<DM> Good place to end it, then.  Dania should be heading to see the Mother, but that's a matter for next time.
<Dania> Night!
<CrazyJack> night gina!
<China> interesting session all
<China> thanks john
<Jared> wow
<Jared> I never saw THAT coming...about the gun. Yeesh.
<DM> Thank you all.  Y'all are great improvisers.
<CrazyJack> ok.. cool deal.. thx john!
*** Dania has quit IRC
<DM> Crazy people are scary, aren't they?
<CrazyJack> hehe
<China> lol
<CrazyJack> i should know!!
<Jared> LOL
<DM> And you don't mess with a nun's secret fantasies, or she'll KILL you.
<DM> All that pent-up...stuff.
<China> me thinks this whole world is a nut house -- oh -- oops that's real life -- giggles
<DM> hee
<CrazyJack> hehehe
<Jared> True!
<Jared> And you haven't even been to Dragon*Con, Melissa. That's even nuttier!
<China> lol
<CrazyJack> hehehe
<DM> So, why haven't you come to DragonCon, Melissa?
<DM> Still time to make it happen.
<China> just never made it . . . yet . . .
*** DM is now known as John
*** Jared is now known as Lynne
<CrazyJack> the more the merrier :-)
<John> Very merrier.
<Lynne> Yes, we'll have the Talisman game to end ALL Talisman games.
<Lynne> And some Munchkin, too
<China> well nighters all -- we on for wednesday next week scott?
<John> Yeah!
<CrazyJack> yeppers.. next wed it is
<John> And any reason why we shouldn't plan to play again on Thursday the 17th?
<CrazyJack> cant think of a reason not to
<China> works for me
<John> Awesome.  Two weeks after *that* is DragonCon.
<China> nighters all
<CrazyJack> yay!  :-)
<John> And I reckon we won't play then.
<CrazyJack> night melissa
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<CrazyJack> no.. no game that wed either
<CrazyJack> 8/30
<John> ok
<CrazyJack> have a good night :-)
<John> So two more Realms sessions before the con?
<CrazyJack> 3
<John> ok
<CrazyJack> 9, 16 and 23
<John> If you can think of anything to run for us, let us know.  I'm out of ideas, I think.
<CrazyJack> i will come up with something
<John> Whee!  And now to bed!
<CrazyJack> me too!
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<CrazyJack> night john, night lynne!
<John> Good night!
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