under the hill
chapter three: lock and load, part one

Session Start: Thu Jul 06 17:52:35 2006
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<CrazyJack> hiya john :-)
<DM> Howdy.  Just checking up on some gear.
<CrazyJack> all looks good from my end
<CrazyJack> ack.. wait.. no it doesnt
<DM> Figured it was too good to be true.
<CrazyJack> something is off.. one sec
<DM> Do I have to fire up setup.dnd?
<CrazyJack> try that
<DM> Not sure of the syntax.
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<CrazyJack> try /setup dnd crazyjack
*** LynneAFK is now known as Jared
<CrazyJack> hiya lynne
<Jared> hi, Scott!
<DMhelper> Jared has no ranks in Armorsmithing and it cannot be used untrained.
<DMhelper> Jared's Weaponsmithing check: Ordinary Success (1d20(8)+d4(3) = 11 OGA = 12/6/3) Light Encumbrance: 1
<CrazyJack> lynne's is working ok it looks like
<Jared> Yay! Need a sword made?
<DMhelper> CrazyJack's Awareness check: Good Success (1d20(5)-d4(-2) = 3 OGA = 11/5/2) Broad Skill: 1 none
<CrazyJack> hehe
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*** Alanna is now known as Dania
<Dania> Hello!
<DM> Hey, Gina.  Wanna test a psi skill?
<Dania> sure....I'll do it!
<CrazyJack> hiya gina
<Jared> Hi, Gina!
<Dania> Seems to be working!
<Dania> HellO!
<Dania> Hey, have any of you ever been to Madrid?
<Jared> No, why?
<DM> Never.  BTW, I didn't see the skill roll.
<DMhelper> Dania's postcognition check: Amazing Success (1d20(6)-d4(-4) = 2 OGA = 15/7/3) Component: -1
<DM> ooooooh
<Dania> Tim is going there in September for Business and he wants to take me along.
<DM> aaaaaaaaaaah
<Dania> It was supposed to be Reading, England, but they changed the location...bummer.
<DM> Would like to buy a real Estruch guitar there.
<Jared> Wow. That would be fun!
<Dania> He's leaving tomorrow morning for Shanghai.
<DM> Scott, you still seeing trouble with CJ's setup?
<CrazyJack> not as of yet.. still looking
<DMhelper> Dania's empathy check: Good Success (1d20(6)-d4(-2) = 4 OGA = 15/7/3) Component: -1
<DM> Go to Madrid!  Say you're Canadian.
<DM> We could begin without Melissa, if we don't get too far ahead of her.
<CrazyJack> i'm ready
<Dania> You can start with the short recap!
<CrazyJack> ya!
<DM> Need to check on Jared...session logs are at illyria.org
<Jared> hmm?
<Jared> I will be a little spacey between 9 and 10 because I'm moderating a chat with an agent for my RWA chapter. I hope it won't be too demanding.
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<Dania> re read the last few minutes of the last session.....this should be interesting!
<Jared> .
<DM> Will let Scott reconnect.
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<CrazyJack> am i back?
<Dania> I think so and I'm not the guy with crazy in his name!
<CrazyJack> hehe
<CrazyJack> read the logs, get booted off mirc
<CrazyJack> so dr goode is on the loose
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> with Gina…
<DM> …Lynne…
<DM> …Scott…
<DM> .
<DM> …and special guest star John
<DM> …as China
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> Sanctuary
<DM> .
<DM> July 192
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> "Lock And Load," Part One
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> The courtyard of Sanctuary goes black as the brilliant light from the intruder is extinguished.  Every artificial light was also put out.  This includes the lamps in the guesthouse.
* Dania listens for the sounds of people nearby, waiting for her eyes to become used to the darkness.
<DM> There is a shout from on the wall: "Perimeter!"
<DM> Everyone’s eyes are still dazzled, except for Jared.
* Jared crawls to a crouch and looks around.
<DM> Jared can see, dimly.
<DM> Up on the wall, two Sisters run.
<DM> Another shout: "Clear in Sector Two!"
<DM> Jared sees people groping around in the dirt of the courtyard, or standing again.
* Jared looks around for threats.
* Dania stands, feeling for her knife in its sheath.
<DM> Jared, please make an Awareness-perception roll at +1 penalty.
<DM> [the last is for Jared]
<Jared> roll +1
* CrazyJack whispers "What the... what is going on?"
<DM> [behind you, Jared!  Something's there!]
* Jared whirls around.
<Jared> roll 0
<DM> Jared hears a faint whirring noise from above, and glimpses a small, dark and round object rising into the night sky.  Hard to tell its size, but it's no bigger than a man’s head.
<Jared> “Hey!”
* Jared points toward the object.
<Jared> “What's that?!”
* CrazyJack looks up
* Dania shakes her head, trying to get her bearings..
<DM> [Jack has no items but the buckeye and his street clothes.]
<DM> The rest of you can see, dimly.  There is a purple afterimage in your eyes.  The intruder's light was dazzling.  Only Jared detected the second object, and it is now out of his sight.
<CrazyJack> “Man…I can’t wait to wake up from this nightmare.”
* Dania shakes her head a bit, then looks around to determine if anyone seems hurt.
<DM> No one looks injured, but China is still immobilized from the taser blast.
<DM> The rest of you can now see Jared looking up.
<Dania> “Jared, are you all right?”
<DM> A shout from the wall: "Clear in Sector One!"
<Jared> “Yes, are you? What was that thing flying off?”
<DM> You all can see a Sister on the wall tentatively swing her rifle barrel through the space the visitor occupied.
<Dania> “I'm fine.  I saw nothing, though. after our...guest left.  Who was he?”
<Jared> “What was that all about?”
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<Dania> “I don't know, but I thought I heard the hippie say his name. We should ask him.”
<CrazyJack> “Er…me?”
<DM> [You can all remember everything the visitor said.]
* Jared looks at CrazyJack.
<Jared> “Did you know that fellow?”
* Dania moves to stand near Jack as well.
<Dania> “You called him something...Mr. Good?”
<CrazyJack> “Well...um...I could, possibly...He works at the V.A.  I've seen him a few times.”
<Dania> “The V....A...?  And this is...what?”
<DM> [The voice, Jack, was indeed that of Dr. Goode from the VA, but louder--and threatening rather than jolly.]
<CrazyJack> “It's, uh, like, the Veteran’s Administration?”
<Dania> “Is it some kind of prison?”
<CrazyJack> “They run some hospitals.”
* Jared looks confused.
* SisterIsolde approaches, shooing the few remaining nuns back toward the convent proper with some reassuring words.
<Dania> “Hospital....I see.”
<Dania> “Sister Isolde.”
* SisterIsolde nods curtly to Dania.
<CrazyJack> “He was, like, one of the doctors…it's why you’re in my dream.  He gave me this green pill, see.”
<Jared> “Where is this place?  I have heard of nothing like it in this area.”
* Dania speaks to Sister Isolde.
<Dania> “This man knows the man who was here.  He says he's a doctor at a ‘Veterans Administration’.  The other one who was here, not him. 
* Dania gestures at CrazyJack.
<Dania>  “He was a patient.”
<CrazyJack> “Look, I should be waking up pretty soon…so don’t worry about it, okay?”
<DM> [Jack's speech is intelligible—mostly--to you denizens of the Atom Age, but his vocabulary and accent sure are strange.  The word “veteran” is known around Cratersville; it means a former soldier.]
* SisterIsolde is frowning at Jack.
* CrazyJack frowns back
<Jared> “A veteran? Where did you serve?”
<CrazyJack> “Army.”
* Dania looks over at Jack.
<Dania> “But Hippies would not have been in a war, they were universally pacifistic.”
<DM> [lol]
* CrazyJack laughs.
<CrazyJack> “Tell that to Uncle Sam.”
<Jared> “What is a hippie?”
<Dania> “Your uncle sent you to this war?”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah.  He sent us all to war.”
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> “They lived in the United States in the middle of the 20th century.”
<Jared> “A religious sect?”
<Dania> “They had many rituals and ideals.”
<CrazyJack> “A hippie is someone who is enlightened.”
<Dania> “It seems that they were more than that. They were loosely organized around the ideals of pacifism and ‘free love’.”
<DM> ['Twentieth century', to the rest of you, just means pre-Deluge, the Time of the Ancients.]
<Dania> “They were sexually promiscuous in the extreme and apparently were quite fond of flowers.”
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> “They were even called Children of Flowers or Flower Children.  They used mind-altering drugs to induce visions.” 
* Jared gives CrazyJack a strange look.
* CrazyJack rolls his eyes.
<CrazyJack> “Oooo, yeah.”
* SisterIsolde 's eyes widen.
<SisterIsolde> “Flowers.”
<CrazyJack> “Like...heh, heh...far out.”
<Dania> “Something called ‘LSD’ was very popular among them, and 'Hash’.”
* CrazyJack nods
<Dania> “They also said things like ‘far out’ and ‘groovy’."
* CrazyJack smiles fondly.  He appears to be in a daze.
<Dania> “Many lived in a great city called Saint Francisco, in the state of Kalifornia, which the ancients saw as a great worshipping place where the seas met the land.”
<CrazyJack> “Um, ‘San Francisco’, sister.
<Dania> “They also avoided bathing as a sign of religious practice.”
<DM> [lol]
* Jared raises an eyebrow.
* CrazyJack nods at Dania.
<CrazyJack> "Yeah, Haight-Ashbury was it."
<Jared> “There are still adherents of the Hippie religion nowadays?”
<Dania> “No, I don't think so.  They were wiped out in the Deluge, I would think.”
<CrazyJack> “Deluge?  Like a flood?  We didn’t get on the ark? 
* CrazyJack smacks his forehead.
<Dania> “You, then.  You are from this place...Kalifornia?  It did survive the Deluge? And you still live there?”
<DM> ["Deluge" being the Flame Deluge, which ended the civilization of the Ancients.  The time of Sainte Mary Ann.]
<Dania> “Perhaps you call it something else.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, uh...I don’t know what this deluge is--y’know?  Sounds like it is full of negative vibes…such a downer.  But, yeah, I live in San Fran.”
<DM> [Saint Francisco, and the land of Kalifornia, lie far to the west, if they still exist.]
<Dania> “It was the time of flames, when great cities were destroyed in moments, millions of people turned to dust.  Nearly everything of the Ancients, gone in a flash of violence.  The ones who survived, like Sainte Mary Ann, were wise and able to build a new society, as I am sure your elders did in Kalifornia.”
<SisterIsolde> "’And the cry of Oakland went unheard, until the last voice was silent’."
* SisterIsolde crosses herself.
<DM> [The sisters cross themselves with an x rather than a +]
<CrazyJack> “Like a nuke war...yeah...I hear you, sister...sorta like the, uh...Cuba thing with Reagan as President.  I gotcha.”
<Dania> “Oakland...do you know of Oakland?  Do any still live there?”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, I been to Oakland.”
<Dania> “We have read that there was great suffering there, after the Deluge.  What say your scholars?”
<CrazyJack> “Like, I dunno what this deluge is…y’know?”
* SisterIsolde glares.
<SisterIsolde> “The Deluge of Flame was the Voice of the Atom.  It laid waste to the land.”
<Dania> “What do your people call it?  It was the end of the time of the Ancients.  Such an event must have a name among your people.”
* CrazyJack thinks on this (and it appears to hurt).
<DM> [lol]
* CrazyJack shakes his head.
<CrazyJack> "Like, uh, too much deep thought, y’know?  Hey…like, none of you would happen to have a bong, would ya?”
<Jared> “Bong?”
<CrazyJack> “Y’know…smoke? 
* CrazyJack makes a sucking sound.
<Dania> “Bong....oh, you wish to perform a religous ceremony?”
* Dania turns to the others.
<Dania> “The Hippies used a drum called a Bongo to play music for their ceremonies.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh…yeah.”
* CrazyJack smiles broadly. 
<CrazyJack> “I found me some religion.”
* Dania looks at Jack.
<Dania> “How would one smoke a drum?”
<DM> [lol]
<SisterIsolde> "’The Atom spake unto Man, and its Voice was twain.  The Light thereof was cleansing, and the iniquity of Oakland was no more’."
<CrazyJack> “Man, you talk funny.”
<Dania> “Do you have a problem with your eyes, sir?  I am not a man.”
* Dania turns to Sister Isolde.
<Dania> “Sister Isolde, have you ever heard of anyone traveling from Kalifornia? You've traveled so much.”
* SisterIsolde looks steadily at Dania.
<SisterIsolde> "Saint Francisco walked the shoreline alone, and said unto Our Lady, 'Where, then, shall ye found your house?'"
* Dania listens to Sister Isolde.
<SisterIsolde> "'Turn you back,' said Our Lady, 'and see the footsteps behind you.'"
* CrazyJack looks behind him
* Dania nods, listening intently.
<SisterIsolde> "'There were a million million footprints in the sand, and now there are none.'"
* Dania whispers reverently.
<Dania> “Because the city was gone.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, y'all have any eats here?  All this deep thinking has, like, made me hungry.”
<SisterIsolde> "'You, Francisco, shall walk alone from this day until the Deluge of Wind,' said Our Lady..."
* Dania looks over at Jack.
<SisterIsolde> "’So saying, the Sainted Mary Ann turned her countenance to the East, and walked with those women not eaten by the Atom’."
* SisterIsolde crosses herself again.
<Dania> He cannot be from Kalifornia....it was destroyed.
<Dania> So, who is he? He has brought danger among us.
* SisterIsolde nods.
<SisterIsolde> “He is mad, as the Mother said.”
* Dania nods sadly.
* CrazyJack looks at Dania, shaking his head ruefully.
<CrazyJack> "You are so full of negative waves."
<Dania> “Well, mad or no, we should probably feed him.”
<SisterIsolde> “He brings the Old Ones among us.”
<Dania> “So, this doctor he spoke of, he was one of Them, then?  I thought he might be, but I wasn't sure.”
* SisterIsolde peers at Jack.
<SisterIsolde> “He bears no Mark of Aitch upon his face.  He is not a devil.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh.  Like, you dont know me yet, sister.”
<Dania> “But neither is he an angel.”
* CrazyJack laughs
<Dania> “Maybe he is touched by the Goddess?  Perhaps his madness gives him visions of the past.”
<DM> China is stirring.  The effects of the taser are wearing off.
* SisterIsolde frowns.
<SisterIsolde> “He should be given over to the Old Ones.”
<Dania> “But they seemed quite hostile toward him.  Who knows what They might do to him?  I've no desire to see a poor madman harmed.”
<DM> [Lynne is being kept busy as an admin in another chat.  Problem user.]
<Dania> (well, darn…no Melissa yet either!)
<CrazyJack> (ah ok) :-(
<Jared> (Some people are SO tacky! Gahhhhhhh!!!!!!)
<CrazyJack> (lol!)
<DM> [We won't stay too late, then.  But this is fun.  And funny.]
<CrazyJack> (quite!)
<CrazyJack> “Like, how can you tell which one of us is mad?  Y’know?”
<DM> All your eyes are well-adjusted to the dark now.
<Dania> “Well, Sir, you speak madness with every breath, you claim to know nothing of things that even very small children know practically from birth, and you have trouble distinguishing man from woman.  What do you think?”
<DM> [lol]
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, well...maybe, like, what I speak is pure wisdom, and, like, you’re the mad one.  Y’know?”
* Dania looks serious.
* SisterIsolde stiffens.
<Dania> “I have seen madness, felt it reaching for me at times...but I have not fallen.  Not yet, anyway.”
<SisterIsolde> "’And the mad shall be sane, and see clearly, when strangeness falls from the sky’."
* SisterIsolde crosses herself yet again.
* Dania looks at Sister Isolde.
<Dania> Oh my!
<Dania> What is the next verse?  I can never remember my scriptures.  Too busy rooting around in the archive.”
* SisterIsolde concentrates.
<SisterIsolde> "The lost shall return unto the light of the Shining Ones’."
<CrazyJack> “Like, I've been in ‘Nam sister.  I've seen madness, too.  Felt it reaching for me.  You ain’t the only one.”
<Dania> “’The lost shall return unto the light of the Shining Ones’.”
* SisterIsolde nods.
<Dania> “Then that is it.  He must be returned.”
<SisterIsolde> “They brought him.  Let Them take him back.”
<DM> ["Them" is definitely capitalized in this context.]
<Dania> “Sister, perhaps you and Mother Andrea should discuss this.  I'll see to getting this man fed and perhaps a place to rest.  And some food for Jared.”
<SisterIsolde> “This is Sanctuary.  He may claim it for a night, by the Rule.”
<Dania> “Well, I am certainly not the one to decide what is to be done  That is for you and the Reverend Mother.”
* SisterIsolde looks unhappy about that, and stalks off toward the convent.
*** SisterIsolde has left #greyhawk
* Dania leads Jared and Crazy Jack toward the guest house.
<Dania> “We can get you both a meal and a bed for what’s left of the night.”
*** China has joined #greyhawk
* China pipes up.
<Dania> (Melissa? That you?)
<China> Hey, what about me? 
<China> [no, it's John again]
<CrazyJack> (just called Melissa…her cell is shut off)
<Dania> (OK, just checking)
<China> “You gonna shoot me again, or can I bunk down, too?”
<Dania> “Yes, please, Miss.  Come and have a meal, and we shall find you a place to sleep.”
<China> “Thanks, but you want me to crawl?”
<Dania> “I am hoping one of our usual guests is here.  Maybe he can shed some light on all of this. Kormack is a very wise and learned man.  I cannot imagine that he slept through all of this.”
* China 's eyes widen.
<China> “He's dead.”
<Dania> “Pardon?”
* China shakes her head to clear it.
<Dania> “Kormack the Scholar? No, at least not the last time I saw him he wasn't.”
<China> “Wait...”
* China lapses into silence.
<Dania> “He is growing a bit slower with age, though he would never admit it, but he's still, as he says, alive and kicking.”
<China> “Help me up?”
* Dania helps China up.
<Dania> “Child, you have had a bad night. I imagine that some sleep will do wonders for you.  And something to eat, growing girl that you are!”
* China sags gratefully against Dania.
<China> “You can even keep my knives.”
* Dania helps her to the guesthouse.
<Dania> “I don't want your knives, but no one who is an outsider goes armed inside Sanctuary. You will get them when you leave.”
* China smiles, and her eyes close.
<China> “Okay.”
* Dania enters the guesthouse, finds a table for her three charges, and goes to confront the dragon in the kitchen.
<CrazyJack> (dragon?)
* Dania squares her shoulders....
*** SisterAnne has joined #greyhawk
<Dania> “Now to deal with Sister Anne.  The dragon.”
* Dania moves to the door and mildly inquires as to whether there is dinner left.
<Dania> “We've three guests who have not yet eaten. They are recently arrived.”
<DM> Kormack doesn't seem to be in the guesthouse.  He likes long walks after dark, and is able to take care of himself.
<Sister Anne> roll +1
* SisterAnne grunts and continues prepping a hot meal.
<Dania> “I'll take that as a yes, then. Is there anything I can...help with?”
* Dania flinches as she asks, wondering if this was a mistake.
* SisterAnne jerks her head toward the oven.
<SisterAnne> “Bread's done.”
* Dania goes to pull out the bread and cut it.
* CrazyJack hears his stomach rumble
<DM> Jared is following, curious.
* Dania cuts the hot bread into thick slices and puts it into a basket. Then, grabbing a pot of jam, she moves back into the dining room and places it on the table.
<Dania> “Well, this will get us started.  Sister Anne is a marvelous cook, whatever her other issues.”
* SisterAnne is out of earshot, and didn't hear that.
<Dania> (Wouldn't have said it if she could hear!) :-)
*** SisterAnne has left #greyhawk
*** China has left #greyhawk
<DM>  Logging off as China. Not going to take any more liberties with Melissa's character.
* Dania takes a piece of bread and nibbles it as well.
<CrazyJack> (no nibbling involved where jack is concerned)
<DM> Lynne's up to her ears now.  We may need to call a halt soon, but Jack and Dania can continue for a bit.
<CrazyJack> (ok
<Dania> (k)
<Dania> (rude people!)
* CrazyJack hungrily helps himself to bread and jam.
<DM> The food is simpler than Jack is used to, but hearty.  It's well-prepared.
<Dania> “So, Jack, is it?  Tell me about this place--‘Nam?  Is it a place like Sanctuary?”
* CrazyJack laughs
<CrazyJack> “Hell, no.”
<Dania> “Were you born there?”
<CrazyJack> “It's, like, hot.  Full of bugs.  The VC will slit your throat while you sleep.”
<DM> Jack's eyes get a faraway look for a moment as he recalls 'Nam.
<Dania> “Insects and heat?  We get those here, as well.  ’Veecee’? Are the like the Knights of Purity?”
<CrazyJack> “I was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.”
<Dania> “Wisconsin?”
<DM> [not a name Dania recognizes]
* CrazyJack laughs.
<CrazyJack> “Knights of purity?  No, sister.  Nothing like that.  Wisconsin?  Cheese and beer.”
<Dania> “Never heard of it--though I have heard of both cheese and beer, so we're making progress.”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah.  Then, like, you've heard of Wisconsin.”
<DM> [lol]
* CrazyJack eats.
<Dania> “No, I don't think I have, though there are many places I've not heard of.  Some day, I may convince Mother Andrea that I could be a Wandering Sister.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, what's this jam made of?  It's got a funky taste.”
<DM> Tastes like some sort of berries.
<Dania> “Berries.”
* CrazyJack studies the jam on the bread
<DM> Make an INT roll at +3, Jack, if you wish.
* CrazyJack starts to sing under his breath.
<CrazyJack> "You must try some of your purple berries/I been eating them six or seven weeks now/Haven’t got sick once/Probably keep us both alive..."
* Dania tilts her head to one side, listening to him.
<Dania> “You are odd, even for a madman.”
* CrazyJack grins "Like, thank you!"
<Dania> “So, where have you traveled?”
<CrazyJack> “Besides ‘Nam?”
<Dania> Yes, besides ‘Nam.  Have you seen many ancient ruins?”
<CrazyJack> “Been to visit some buddies in Canada.”
<Dania> “And Wis....Wiscan?”
<Dania> (Says Gina, who is FROM Wisconsin!)
<DM> Canada is a land to the north where crops are said to grow abundantly, and the water is clear.
<Dania> “Canada--oh, my!  It is said to be paradise, crops grow and the water is clean and clear!”
<Dania> Oh, to go there and see such wonders.
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, that's Canada, sorta.  And, like, we had this trip we took in a VW micro.  To upstate New York for four days of music.  Yeah, man.  It was so righteous!
<Dania> “Where else?”
* CrazyJack thinks.
* CrazyJack shrugs his shoulders
<CrazyJack> “Like, that's it.”
<Dania> “New York?  Nothing lives there; it was scarred too deeply by the Atom.  Even mutants cannot survive there.  There was a great city there once, or so I have read. Buildings of glass and steel reaching the clouds.”
* Dania has tears in her eyes.
* CrazyJack nods.
<CrazyJack> “Like…that's it, sister.”
<Dania> “Sometimes, I wonder what it would have been like to see the cities of the Ancients as they were then.”
* Dania takes Jack's hand.
<Dania> “I hope you don't have to go back, but I fear you will.  If They want you, we must give you over.  Phrophecy must be followed.”
<CrazyJack> “Again with the negative waves, sister!”
* Dania takes her hand back and smiles.
<Dania> “Sorry.  But you should be told the truth.  I’ve never been far past the nearest couple of villages.  They say that even the crater of Atlanta, which was the city of Saint Mary Ann, is too dangerous for me.”
* Dania rolls her eyes.
<DM> [Sister Anne relights the lamp in the window.]
<CrazyJack> “Like, this world is freaky, y’know?”
<Dania> “Freaky? What does this mean?”
<CrazyJack> “I'll be glad when I wake up.  That's the real truth, sister.”
<Dania> “Jack?  I hate to tell you this, but you are not sleeping.  You are here.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh.  Like, yeah.  Whatever you wanna believe, sister.”
* Dania notices what Jack is holding.
<Dania> “What do you have in your hand? You've been holding it even while you ate.”
* CrazyJack opens his hand.
<DM> The object appears to be some sort of nut.  It's dark-colored, with an "eye" sort of mark on it.
<Dania> “Is it a talisman of some kind?”
<CrazyJack> “Uh, no.  It's, like, a buckeye.”
<Dania> “May I see it?”
* CrazyJack jerks his hand away from Dania subconsciously.
<Dania> “I promise that I'll give it back.  I've never seen a nut like that before.”
<CrazyJack> I, um, like, keep it.  It helps me.”
<Dania> “Can I see it?”
* CrazyJack puts it in his pocket.
<CrazyJack> “It's, like, just a nut.
<Dania> “All right. Sorry if I offended.”
<CrazyJack> “It's all cool, sister.”
<Dania> “Actually, if you hadn't noticed, it’s quite warm tonight.”
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> “Are you ill, if you are cool?”
* Dania feels Jack's forehead.
<Dania> “No, no fever.  Shall I call for a healer?”
<CrazyJack> “I'm, like, full of positive waves, sister.  It's groovy.”
<Dania> “Your speech is passing strange…”
* Dania leans forward and sniffs.
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, I dream up some funky language or somethin’.”
* CrazyJack pulls back
<Dania> “…Though you seem to bathe more than I would suspect a hippie would.  And you ate meat without even a second glance.”
<CrazyJack> “Well, if you, like, call that meat.” 
<Dania> “Oh, it was Lizard.  Tasty, actually.  Much better than marsh rat.”
<DM> [hee]
<Dania> “Or Spider.  Definitely an aquired taste, spider.  But you need to collect and skin so many lizards for a decent stew.”
* CrazyJack turns green, then recovers his cool.
<DM> [lol]
<CrazyJack> “But only a few hippies were, like, totally vegetarian.”
<Dania> “They ate only plants.”
<CrazyJack> “And, like, in the VA they don’t let you stay dirty.”
<Dania> “Ah, the hospital.  I suppose they wouldn't want you to stay dirty.  Disease.”
* Dania thinks for a moment.
<Dania> “You've never heard of the Deluge, the Time of Flame, the end of the era of the Ancients?  You've never heard of so many things.”
* CrazyJack stares at the jam again, wondering.
<Dania> “It makes me wonder.  Jack, give me your hand.”
* Dania reaches out a pale, slender hand.
<CrazyJack> “Uh, like, why?”
<Dania> “I want to try something. It won't hurt.....you, at least.”
* CrazyJack gives Dania his hand.
* Dania holds Jack's hand, touching his hand and his sleeve at the same time.
* Dania takes on a dreamy look, her face going blank, then she pales....
<Dania> “GET SOME!”
* Dania pulls her hand back.
* Dania shakes her head.
<Dania> “You've killed.”
* CrazyJack nods his head.
* CrazyJack looks at Dania oddly.
<Dania> “A bright place green and filled with light and sound.  Was this…’Nam?”
<CrazyJack> “Like, why did you yell that?”
<Dania> “No reason. What did I yell?”
<CrazyJack> “You, like, yelled ‘get some!’  You are freakin' me out, sister."
<Dania> “I apologize for making you uncomfortable.  It was what I heard. An echo from your past, I think.”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, that was ‘Nam.  It's all cool, sister.”
<Dania> “It was hot there, like walking through steam.  Fear was in the air everywhere, fear and confusion.”
* CrazyJack nods slowly
<Dania> “Laughing, I head laughter, in the midst of the maelstrom, someone was laughing.”
<CrazyJack> “You hear lots of things in ‘Nam.”
<Dania> “Blood on green leaves, torn flesh, and someone laughing.  Is this ‘Nam what made you go mad, then?”
<CrazyJack> “I am not mad, sister!”
<Dania> “Perhaps not, but you do not belong here, either.  I don't know what you are, but I do know that when you arrived, so did They.  And They are not to be trifled with. You should be afraid, Jack.”
<CrazyJack> And, like, I want nothing more than to leave this freaky place.”
*** SisterIsolde has joined #greyhawk
<Dania> “This is probably the safest place you'll find for some time.”
<DM> The door of the guest house opens, and in walks Sister Isolde.
<Dania> “Ah, Sister, what news from Mother Andrea.?”
* SisterIsolde wears a puzzled look. She is not pleased.  She looks at Dania.
<Dania> “I've just been chatting with Jack here.”
<SisterIsolde> “Your Sabbatical begins at dawn, Sister.  Come to the armory then.”
<Dania> “Me? Really?  I'm to wander!”
* SisterIsolde nods.
* Dania looks excited.
* SisterIsolde grimaces.
<SisterIsolde> “Him, too.”
<Dania> Jack?  I'm taking him to Them, aren't I?
<CrazyJack> “Peace, sister.”
<Dania> “Dawn, then.”
* SisterIsolde turns to leave.
* Dania sits down again.
<Dania> “Sister? I am taking him, yes?”
* SisterIsolde pauses, not turning around.
<SisterIsolde> “I believe so.  See the Mother.”
<Dania> “All right.”
* Dania watches her leave.
* SisterIsolde opens the door, and steps out into the night.
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> To be continued.....
<DM> .
<DM> .
<CrazyJack> cool  :-)
*** DM is now known as John
<Dania> Kewl! Next time, with the other PC's!
<CrazyJack> nice playing gina!  that was fun!
<Jared> sorry I wasn't around much tonight :-(
<John> That was awesome.  I was giggling, and yet moved.
<Jared> had some very bad-mannered people screwing up a chat my chapter had scheduled with an agent
<CrazyJack> ya sorry lynne, we missed ya =(
*** Jared is now known as Lynne
<Dania> Ah, we still had fun, but we missed you......figured Jared was in sweet talking Sister Anne!
<John> Thursdays might be a bit of a problem for Lynne.
<Lynne> I always wondered who were the people who'd shove manuscripts at agents and editors under bathroom stalls. I guess I know now.
<Dania> I guess so.
<Lynne> No, I usually have chats on Wednesdays.
<CrazyJack> lol
<Lynne> This was unusual; the agent could only chat tonight.
<CrazyJack> ah good
<Dania> I should help Tim get the troops to bed so he can pack for China.
<John> Kewl.
<Dania> Night!
<Lynne> Good night, y'all!
*** Lynne has quit IRC
*** Dania has quit IRC
<John> I'll put a log together this weekend, and post it.  Y'all were really good.
<CrazyJack> good night!
<John> Good night!
*** SisterIsolde has quit IRC
<CrazyJack> and thx! awesome game :-)
*** CrazyJack has quit IRC
*** John has quit IRC
*** Disconnected
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