under the hill
chapter two: happy landing

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* Jared waves to everyone.
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<DM> Who's observing?  That Robin?
<Observer> Howdy.. robin wants to sit in and watch tonight.. just setting up mirc on her pooter
<Observer> i'll be a few min
<DM> Welcome!
<Observer> robin is still exercising.. just me (scott)
<DM> Any pictures of a mural to share?
<Observer> not yet.. still a work in progress :-)
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<DM> Howdy, Gina.
<Alanna> Hello!
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<Dania> Tim is in Toronto, so I'll be moving away at times to throw raw meat to the children and change the movie.
<DM> Haven't heard from Melissa today.  If she doesn't show, we can still play.
<Jack> lol.. she just called me.. she's on her way home but stuck in traffic.. she will log on as soon as she gets home in about 15-20 min
<DM> Neat-o.
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<Jared> hi!
<Jack> hiya lynne
<Jack> congrats on your new horse gina!
<Dania> Thanks....his name is Sundancer....he's a sorrel mustang.
<DM> New horse?
<Jack> he sounds pretty
<Dania> Yep. My mother talked us into adopting a mustang. He's almost a year old and he's a lovely boy.
<DM> Wow!
<Dania> He's getting used to being led and he backs up now on command.
<DM> Need pictures....must...have...pictures.
<Dania> I can almost get him to yield his hindquarters, but he doesn't quite understand what I'm asking for.
<Dania> I know, I need to get my camera out there and take some!
<Jack> wow.. you've done a lot of training already
<Dania> I've done a lot of reading and watching videos about training.
<DM> Thinking of saddle-breaking him?
<Dania> We will be doing that later on. He's got a really gentle disposition and is very calm. He'll be a great horse for the boys to ride!
<Dania> I am even thinking of breaking him to drive too. I would love to have a little cart or wagon at Civil War events and just drive around all day!
<Jack> hehe.. now that would be cool
<DrGoode> It's that or get a suit of plate.
<DrGoode> And a lance...horses like lances, I'm told.
<Dania> I can't ride myself anymore. I took a bad fall and snapped a chunk off of one of my lower vertabrae. Oh, and the helmet I was wearing cracked open on a rock.
<DM> Sounds like you won.
<Dania> I think I could drive though. Just riding makes me too nervous. I don't bounce the way I used to!
<Jack> ouch
<Dania> It was not pretty....good thing this was before we had kids, I was flat on my back for six weeks, up only for trips to the bathroom and then with assistance for the first three!
<Jack> you were lucky you werent paralyzed permanently
<Dania> Yeah, the doctor made a point of telling me that I missed a serious spinal cord injury by less than half and inch!
<DrGoode> We can start 'most any time now.
<Jack> i'm ready
<Dania> I'm ready when you are!
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> July, 1979.
<DM> San Francisco VA Hospital.
<DM> Transient ward.
<DM> Your pulse throbs in your ears.  Sounds like the drum circle after the Dead show a few years back.
* CrazyJack remembers the concert fondly.
<DM> The Doctor leers, and reaches for you.
* CrazyJack pushes his arm away.
<DrGoode> “Come with me, over hill and under hill, John Edward Nesbitt.”
<DM> The room begins to fade away.
<CrazyJack> “Over hill and under hill? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, doc!”
<DM> You're disoriented, but you spy your wallet and lucky buckeye on the bedside table.  As you feel yourself fading along with the room, you have a chance to grab either object, or the Doctor, or any other action you can think of.
* Jack grabs the buckeye as fast as he can with one hand, and the doctor with the other
<DM> Roll 1d20+2 twice, first for the buckeye and second for the doc.
<Jack> roll 2
<Jack> roll 2
<DM> You feel the comforting solidity of the buckeye for just a moment, but the doctor eludes your grasp somehow.
<DM> You feel more...tenuous, as though you've expanded to several times your size.  The five bulbs of the light fixture pass before your eyes.
* CrazyJack is happy with the buckeye over the doc
<DM> The radio in the hall is playing again, but more faintly than earlier, and from it comes a tune you hate.
<Observer> (sits back and watches *waves hello*)
<Dania> (Hello!)
<CrazyJack> (*waves hello to the observer*
<DM> [howdy, robin]
<CrazyJack> “Figures my dream would play music I hate.”
<Jared> (hi, Robin!)
<DM> It's--no way!  It's that damned piña colada song!
<CrazyJack> “Oh, NO!”
<DM> Jerry Lewis sings again.
<DM> "I was hired by Milady; we've been together too long,
<DM> Like a worn-out performance of Her favorite song.
<DM> So while She lay there beeping, I read a thought in Her head.
<DM> And as Her personal golem, well, to the letter I'm wed:
<DM> 'If you like moonlight sonatas, and if you thought you knew pain,
<DM> If you're not an old fogy, if you have half a brain.
<DM> If you like taking pills at midnight, and love cartoons on tape.
<DM> You're the patsy I've looked for, bound to me, no escape'."
<CrazyJack> “Make it stop!”
<Jared> (heh!)
<CrazyJack> “Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhh!” 
* CrazyJack covers his ears with his hands.
<DM> There is silence.
<CrazyJack> “All praise to Jerry Garcia…silence at last!”
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<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> …with Gina...
<DM> ...Lynne...
<DM> ...Melissa...
<DM> ...and introducing Scott as Crazy Jack Nesbitt.
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> "Happy Landing"
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> July, 192
<DM> Sanctuary
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> The wind is rising in the night.  The dogs are howling as one.
<DM> Dania and Jared look around wildly.  This is too sudden to be a tornado.
<Jared> “What's going on?”
<Dania> “I don't know. But I don't like it.”
* Jared looks around for a funnel cloud.
<Jared> “We should probably take cover.”
<Dania> “I don't think it’s a tornado.”
<DM> There is a shout from the wall of Sanctuary.  The darkness and the wind swallow the sound.
<Dania> “You don't think that maybe someone found something really bad from the Time Before, do you?”
<Jared> (Where are we, exactly?)
<Dania> (I think we were near the gate.)
<DM> (You’re a stone’s throw from the gate.)
* Jared looks worried.
<DM> There's a burst of crazy music from the sky, nearly inaudible in the gusty night air.
<Dania> “They had terrible weapons.”
* Jared looks around for cover.
<Jared> (Are there any rocks or buildings nearby?)
<DM> Other than the walls, only the guest house behind you offers cover.
* Dania looks up to the walls, trying to see what's happening there.
<DM> Jack is falling, falling.....
<DM> inits, please.
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<DMhelper> Jared's init: Ordinary (1d20(10)+d4(2) = 12 MOGA = 15+/14/7/3) Sm Shield: 0 Breastplate of Agility: 1 Breastplate of Agility: -1
<Jared> (Hi, Melissa!!)
<DMhelper> Dania's init: Ordinary (1d20(7)+d0(0) = 7 MOGA = 12+/11/5/2)
<China> howdy all -- sorry to be late
<DM> [Welcome, Melissa...you’re just in time]
<CrazyJack> Hiya, Melissa
<Dania> (Hello Melissa, just really got started!)
<China> Cool.
<DM> China has been carried off to the infirmary, having fainted.
<DM> The wind is rising.  The dogs are howling as one.
<DM> There is a shot from the wall of Sanctuary.  The darkness and the wind swallow the sound.
<DM> Jack is falling, falling.....
<CrazyJack> *breaks out the tom petty*  free falling....
<DM> (That song is actually after Jack’s time.  At least it was.)
<Dania> (actually that would be free fal....THUD)
<CrazyJack> “Whoa!  Far out trip, man!”
<DM> Jack lands hard, raising some dust.  There's a cacophany of barking dogs.  There is not much light here in the courtyard at Sanctuary.
* CrazyJack looks around (from his back).
* Dania moves toward the creature that fell from the sky.
<DM> Int check for Jack, please.
<Jack> roll 1
* Dania makes sure that Jared is near though.
<DM> Jack is flat on his back, but recovers his wits amazingly well.
* Dania pushes back her hood and looks down at this creature.
<DM> Jack lies ten feet away from Dania and Jared.  The wind roars, and it does feel like a twister.
* Dania whispers to Jared
<Dania> “How did he get here?  It looks like a man, but where did he fall from?”
<DM> "Intruder!" comes a cry from the wall.
<Observer> (it's raining men hallelujah)
<Jared> (Exactly, Robin!)
* Jared goes over to the man to check him out.
* CrazyJack looks up at Dania.
<CrazyJack> “Ow!”
* Dania kneels next to him
<Dania> “Are you injured?”
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<CrazyJack> “I, er...um.  This is one crazy dream, ya know.”
* CrazyJack moves his arms and legs and checks for broken bones
<DM> The nun standing over Jack is dressed in a gray robe, which flaps in the strong wind.  Jack seems uninjured.
<Dania> “Move slowly, but if you can, sit up.  Keep your hands where they can be seen, please.”
* SisterJulia rushes over, rifle lowered.
<SisterJulia> “Check him!”
<CrazyJack> “My hands?   Oh…ah…whoa, sister!  Man, I need to work on my dreams.  * CrazyJack shakes his head.
<DM> The man's speech is strange, but intelligible.
<Jared> Where'd that gunshot come from?
* CrazyJack looks at the rifle toting sister
<Dania> I don't know.
* SisterJulia scowls, staring at the stranger.
<SisterJulia> “I get nervous, I shoot.”
<Dania> “He appears to be unarmed, at least so far.”
<Dania> (how is he dressed?)
* CrazyJack is about six feet tall, and has dirty blond hair tied into a short ponytail, with a scruffy beard, mustache and sideburns.  He wears a green t-shirt under old Army fatigues with boots.mid-thirties.
<Jared> “Sir, how did you get here?”
* Jared is peering down at Jack.
* CrazyJack mutters something about understanding why he shouldn’t eat spicy burritos before bed.
<DM> The man and woman near Jack speak strangely, too, but there is no mistaking the menace of the woman pointing the rifle.
<CrazyJack> (do I understand them?)
<DM> [Jack understands them well enough.]
* Dania quickly pats the newcomer down for weapons.
<Jared> “Careful, Dania. He might be rabid.  Or something.”
<DM> [Jack, do you permit this?]
<CrazyJack> (hell ya.. it's a dream.. women frisking me?  why not?)
<DM> [lol]
<Jared> (LOL!)
<Jared> (And there's that crazy disco music playing, so hey....)
<Dania> (I suppose, young, blonde, pretty.....dressed like a nun.)
<DM> Dania, give me a perception-spot check if you can.
* CrazyJack looks at Dania.
<CrazyJack> "How did I get here? Well…there was this little green pill..."
<Dania> (I should have some ranks in spot, but I think I listed them in perception broad skill....but then, that was a bad roll too!)
<DM> Dania finds no weapons, or anything unusual--other than a strange styling to the man's clothing.
<Dania> “He's unarmed, Sister Julia.  He appears to be uninjured as well, though he fell from the sky. “
* SisterJulia points the rifle skyward, but keeps staring at Jack.
<CrazyJack> “Uh, look, ladies…no need to fret…this trip has to end soon…I'll wake up.”
<Dania> “I think we should send a runner to Mother Andrea--though you've probably already thought of that.”
* SisterJulia nods, and raises her hand to shout.
<SisterJulia> “Code gray!”
<DM> This is the call to summon the Mother.
* Dania turns to Jack.
<Dania> “Trip? Were you on a journey then?”
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> “Do you have wings?”
* CrazyJack grins broadly.
* Dania looks at his back to see if he's a mutant with wings, perhaps.
<DM> [no, he has no visible wings]
<Jared> “Hmm...I don't see any wings.”
<CrazyJack> “One helluva magical mystery tour!”
<Dania> “Nor do I. Odd.”
<Observer> (saw the x-men recently did you?)
<Dania> (just the commercials!)
<Dania> “Can you, then, simply fly by your own will?”
<Dania> [to Jared and Julia] “I cannot imagine that there could be a bird large enough to pick him up.”
<DM> [Y'all should continue to play as though you have difficulty understanding each other.  Your accents are mutually comprehensible, but there will be obvious troubles with vocabulary.]
<CrazyJack> “Sure, I can fly by my own will.  It's my dream, dammit!”
* Dania looks at Jared and Sister Julia.
<Jared> “Dream?  Maybe his thoughts were disordered by the fall?”
<Dania> “His speech is very strange, as is his manner of dress.”
<CrazyJack> “Man, I gotta get me more of them little mother's helpers.”
<Dania> “I wonder if he's from one of the outlying colonies.”
<DM> [out lying in the courtyard]
* Jared looks at Julia and Dania. "A Mother's helper?"  Is he referring to you, do you think?”
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> “Maybe, but he doesn't know me at all.”
* Dania checks his eyes.
<Dania> “Maybe he hit his head.”
<Jared> “I suspect so.  He's not making complete sense.”
* CrazyJack watches Jared and the women with wonderment.
<Dania> “Or maybe he spent too much time in the wastes, and it has torn his mind.  He wouldn't be the first to go mad out there.”
<Jared> “Too true.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh. I am pretty wasted right now.”
* Jared holds up three fingers in front of the man's face.
<Jared> "Sir, how many fingers do you see?"
* CrazyJack looks up to the heavens.
<Jared> Sir, can you see my hand?
<CrazyJack> “Oh, doc!  Doc!  Wake me up now!”
<DM> [but you are confident that you see three fingers...everything is crystal clear, even though it's not, if you take my meaning.]
<Dania> “Greetings.  I am called Dania.”
Dania points to herself and speaks slowly.
<Dania> “Dania.”
<CrazyJack> “Uh, okay.  I am called Jack.”
<Dania> “Jack. All right.  We're getting somewhere.”
* Dania looks at Jared.
<Dania> “He probably speaks a different language. And me without any of my translation books.  You know, before, there were many languages.”
* Dania points to Jared.
<Dania> “Jared.”
* Jared says very slowly, "Jack. How. Many. Fingers. Do. You. See."
* SisterJulia looks impatient, and calls again.
<SisterJulia> “Hey!  Code gray!”
<CrazyJack> “I, uh…”
CrazyJack squints. 
<CrazyJack> “I see, um....three.”
<Jared> “Good.  Now, how did you get here, Jack?”
* SisterJulia stalks off in the direction of the convent proper.
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<CrazyJack> “I, um…took a pill.”
* Dania looks at Jared.
<CrazyJack> “A green one.”
<DM> [lol]
* Jared looks at Dania.
<Dania> “Crazy.”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, sister.  Cosmic.”
<Jared> “Someone drugged him and threw him over the wall here?  I wonder if he has plague?”
<Dania> “It is sad when a man's mind fractures like that.  He seems strong enough, but then, if he's in the early stages...”
<DM> [pause here...and we go to China's scene]
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> China is all alone in the tiny infirmary.  There is a single lamp burning.  Tables next to the mattress hold many shiny things, and there is the unmistakable glow of a computer monitor nearby.  She lets her eyes open fully, and takes in her surroundings.
* China will rise and investigate the glow if she is truly alone.
<DM> You hear nothing, other than a few shouts from outside.  The sudden wind has calmed again.  There are surgical instruments laid out neatly.  There are a few strange electrical devices of no obvious function.  Your father, Vernon Kormack, would certainly know what to make of them, were he still alive.  If he were still alive, though, you would still be safe with him, and not mired in your current entanglements.
<DM> [immiscible metaphors]
<DM> The computer screen is almost black, in a dormant state.  There is another shout from outside, closer now.
* China pecks a few keys on the computer and quickly attempts to glean its function
<DM> The keyboard layout looks just like the one in your father's shop.  Hitting the space bar brings the screen to life.
<DM> The brighter light from the screen illuminates many jars on shelves, and books--real books, well-kept by the look of them.
* China moves to check out the titles of the books
<DM> Medical titles, all of them...until you run across the Scripture.  It is a single volume, small and elegantly bound.
* China takes it out and lets it fall open at random.
<DM> INT check, please.
<China> roll 0
<DM> There is a signature inside the front cover...
<DM> "To My Dearest Mildred, 'First, do no harm'...Your loving Mother, Andrea of Sanctuary."
<DM> The pages are a very thin and fine material, which you've seen only a few times.  It's a synthetic, such as were produced only before the Fall.  This volume looks new, though, or it has been extremely well-maintained.
* China moves to the computer and enters “mildred” as the user ID and “no harm” as the password.
* China enters "first do no harm."
* China hits the escape key and moves back to the shelf, letting the book fall open in her hands to the most opened page before returning it to its place
<DM> This book doesn't seem to have such a "sweet spot."  To your practiced eye, this means that the book is nearly unused. 
<DM> [extremely good idea, though.  Hadn't thought of that.]
* China looks for the most used book on the shelf, replacing the scripture exactly as it was found
<DM> Gimme a perception-spot, with a +1 penalty. 
<China> roll 1
<DM> Judging by the dust gathered on the shelf, the books most commonly consulted are the surgical guides.  Applying the same knowledge, you believe that the Scripture has stayed put on the shelf for a long, long time.
<DM> There is the sound of approaching feet.
* China moves back to the bed she was left in, prepared to play dead if it will give insight, or rouse as the conversation suggests.
<DM> You believe that you have left all as you found it.  The computer screen is blank, but something bugs you...as the door opens.
<DM> [we go back to the courtyard]
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> A few of the sisters approach, unsure as to the origin of the man who fell from the sky.  They whisper to each other.
<Dania> (Can I make a linguistics roll to see if I can make heads or tails of Jack's speech patterns?)
<DM> [did you buy any ranks in linguistics?]
<Dania> (I did indeed also ancient language (English) and history)
<DM> [Gimme a roll at a +2 penalty, please...language-ancient English]
<Jared> “Sisters, he may be injured. Would you check him?”
* Dania moves aside a bit.
<Dania> roll 2
* CrazyJack watches the sisters carefully.
<DM> The nuns keep their distance.  “Wait for Mother Andrea,” one says to Jared, her eyes lowered.
<Dania> (can't find ancient language....but my skill is 15/7/3, so its a good.)
<DM> You believe that some of the words the stranger uses are pre-pre-Fall.  He must be a bard, to speak an archaic variant so fluently!
<Dania> “He speaks a dialect from long ago.”
<Jared> “Maybe there are areas where older dialects are still spoken?”
<DM> Perhaps he is a traveling performer--but where, then, is his troupe?
* Dania attempts to duplicate the dialect as best she can.
<Dania> “Please....um....dude....where are your…”
* CrazyJack listens to Dania
<CrazyJack> “My what?”
<Dania> “Companions....um....what is the right word?  ’Homies’?  ‘Homeboys’?”
* Jared chuckles.
<Jared> (LOL!!!!)
<DM> [lol...good 'un, Gina]
* CrazyJack looks at Dania quizzically
<Dania> “Are you a bard? A teller of tales?”
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<MotherAndrea> Me wears a modest robe over her nightclothes.  She is seventy-five years old, frail-looking but vigorous.  She carries a walking staff, but does not let herself be seen leaning upon it.
<CrazyJack> What are…’homeboys’?”
<DM> [right…Jack doesn’t know that term]
<Dania> “Bosom companions, friends.”
* Jared looks impressed.
<Jared> "You know your stuff, Dania!"
<CrazyJack> “My, um…bosom companions? 
* CrazyJack looks squarely at Dania's breasts. 
<CrazyJack>  “I think I found them!  Heh-heh.”
Jared frowns at Jack.
<Jared> "Sir, remember your manners. These are ladies here."
<Dania> “An expression used in the time before the Fall.  Long before the Fall.”
<CrazyJack> “A bard?  Whoa…I get it now.  This is like some kinda weird King Arthur's court thing I fell into, isn’t it?”
<DM> [Yes, the name of Arthur is familiar as a legendary king of men, but not as a historical figure.]
<Jared> (and he's gonna think, "The fall? Is that what happened?")
<Jared> “The king is Henry III. There is no Arthur here.”
<CrazyJack> “King Henry.  Cool.  I didn’t even know he existed for him to be in my trip, man.”
* Dania notices Mother Andrea’s presence, and rises.
<Dania> “Mother Andrea. Good to see you. This is an unusual night.”
* MotherAndrea approaches, and speaks sternly.
<MotherAndrea> “Sir!  What is the meaning of this?”
* MotherAndrea glares at Jack.
<DM> A few of the onlooking nuns titter.  "He's in trooooooouble," one mocks softly.
* MotherAndrea silences them with a look.
<CrazyJack> “Good question, sister. Been trying to answer that myself.  See, there was this little green pill...”
* MotherAndrea sniffs pointedly.
<MotherAndrea> “It is usual for guests to rise, at least, when they address the Mother of the House.”
<CrazyJack> “Oh...ya.  Well, uh, it is usual for gods who fall from the sky to sit while mothers of the house address them.”
* Dania snorts.
<DM> One of the assembled nuns coughs to cover an amazed laugh.  Mother Andrea ignores her outburst.
<Dania> (I may have to go...my mother has had a great horse escape and I may have to go help capture the escapees...I'll know in a few minutes)
<Jared> (Oh no!!!!)
<DM> [have fun, Gina!]
<Jared> (Did the new kid talk them into a jailbreak?)
<CrazyJack> (ack.. ok gina)
* Jared is watching Mother Andrea to see what she does to the visitor.
* MotherAndrea glares again at Jack.
<MotherAndrea> “Sir!  What mean you here?  Do you come in peace?”
<Dania> (I do have to go...five of the big horses have escaped and she needs me to help catch them...and it’s getting dark.)
<Observer> (oh no gina. I hope the horse/s will be okay and returned!)
<DM> [good luck, Gina]
<Jared> (Good luck!)
<Observer> (good luck!)
<DM> The nuns watch silently, not daring to speak when Mother gets like this.
<CrazyJack> “Ya, peace and love, sister…it's all peace and love.”
<Dania> “Peace and Love.  Flower children!”
* CrazyJack makes a peace sign with his two fingers.
* MotherAndrea is taken aback.
<Jared> (What does that sign mean to us now?)
<Dania> Make Love Not War....protesting a war, in a foreign land.
<CrazyJack> “Right on, sister!”
<MotherAndrea> "'Peace and love,' said the Sainted Mary Ann, ‘and flowers for the children.  That is what I bring.'  So saying, She made the sign of two, that the women assembled would remember the twin virtues."!
* MotherAndrea crosses herself.
<CrazyJack> “Oh, man, I forgot to dream up some flowers.”
<MotherAndrea> “Peace be unto you, then, stranger.”
<Dania> “His dialect is from a very long time ago, Mother Andrea. Mid-twentieth century, I believe, but I would have to look it up.”
<DM> The nuns murmur to one another.
<Dania> “I'll go to the archive to see if I can find any more information on how to communicate with him.”
<MotherAndrea> “Yes, go, child.”
* MotherAndrea peers closely at Jack.
<Dania> (There, that gets Dania offstage for a while too, eh?)
<MotherAndrea> “Mad, then.”
* MotherAndrea sounds disappointed.
* Dania leaves to go to the archive.
*** Dania has quit IRC
<MotherAndrea> “Where is Mildred?  Get Mildred to see to his hurt.”
<CrazyJack> “I'm fine, sister.”
<DM> A nun stalks off unwillingly.
<CrazyJack> “What, uh, do you call this place?  Oz?”
* Jared goes over and kneels next to Jack.
<Jared> “Where are you from, Jack? What was the name of the place you came from?”
<CrazyJack> “Frisco.”
<Jared> “Hmm.  Mother Andrea, have you heard of any place called Frisco?”
* MotherAndrea squints.
<MotherAndrea> “No.  Poor fellow.”
<Jared> “What is it close to, Jack?  I haven't heard of it.”
<CrazyJack> “Monterrey.  Yeah, now that was a trippin' concert!”
<CrazyJack> “Oakland?  California?”
<Jared> Never heard of those places.
* MotherAndrea turns toward the watching nuns.
* MotherAndrea stops, startled.
<MotherAndrea> “Oakland?”
* CrazyJack smiles.
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, just across the bay.”
<MotherAndrea> “Name you Oakland, boy?”
<CrazyJack> “Huh?  My name's Jack, sister…Jack Nesbitt.
* MotherAndrea raises her arms and intones:
<MotherAndrea> "Great was the cry of Oakland."
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, well, they cry about a lot over there.”
<MotherAndrea> "The people cried out, as one, having no food or drink not tainted by the Atom."
* MotherAndrea frowns.
<MotherAndrea> "The Goddess turned her back on Oakland that day, the need of Kalifornia being judged the greater."
<CrazyJack> “The atom?  Like a nuke?”
<DM> A few of the nuns nod.  One gasps and crosses herself.
<CrazyJack> “Ya, sister. California.  You know the place.  Right on.”
<Jared> “No wonder he is confused, if he came from such a place.”
<CrazyJack> “Hey.  Ever been to Haight-Ashbury?  Eh?”
* CrazyJack winks at Mother Andrea.
<CrazyJack> “I bet you have.”
<MotherAndrea> “Who are you, stranger?  How come you to know of the Protocols of Ste. Mary Ann?  These are never taught to men.”
<CrazyJack> “Whoa.  I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout no protocols of your Mary Ann, unless you’re talkin’ ‘bout the one stranded on that island with the Professor.”
* MotherAndrea 's eyes blaze.
<MotherAndrea> Cease this!  Do not use that word in my presence!
<CrazyJack> “Heh.  Always did think she was prettier than Ginger.  Uh, don’t use which word?”
<DM> [it was the word "professor," you think]
<CrazyJack> “Professor?”
<MotherAndrea> “Silence!”
* MotherAndrea pounds her walking stick on the ground.
<MotherAndrea> "’The iniquity of the professors brought down the sky in those days.  They who toyed with the elements incurred Her wrath!’"
* MotherAndrea turns and stalks off.
*** MotherAndrea has left #greyhawk
<CrazyJack> “Whoa.  Strange lady!  What's she got against the Professor anyways?  He kept 'em all alive on the island.”
<DM> The few remaining nuns back away slowly.
<DM> "He named the Sainted Mary Ann with...them!" a nun says.
* Jared gives a low whistle.
<Jared> “You really made her mad, Jack.  That word, well...they were evil. They ruined everything.”
* CrazyJack shrugs.
<CrazyJack> “Well, Mary Ann was sweet on the Professor.”
<DM> [pause here...and back to the infirmary.]
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
*** Mildred has joined #greyhawk
<DM> A woman holding a lantern pushes open the door to the infirmary, and approaches the bed.
* China listens intently, lying motionless on the bed.
* Mildred wears a simple pale robe over nightclothes, and holds a lantern over China's face.
* Mildred reaches for China's neck.
* China lays china-doll still, hoping to play the child card here
<DM> 1d20-1
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20-1) and gets 0 (Natural 1).
<Jared> (eek)
<CrazyJack> (rutro)
* Mildred puts her fingers to the side of China's neck.
* Mildred begins to chuckle softly after a moment.
<Mildred> “Your breath and pulse betray you, child.  You need not pretend to be unconscious.”
* China opens one eye, then both and smiles sweetly
* Mildred nods.
<Mildred> “That's better.  You're quite safe here, you know.”
<China> “Am I?  No spiders in here, then.”
<Mildred> I don't know what all the fuss is about out there, but you've cleared the gate.
<DM> Init, please, Melissa.
<China> roll 0
<Mildred> roll 0
<DM> You see the nun reaching into a pocket, where there is a sizeable bulge.
<DM> Your init roll was better.
* China rolls away from the nun and off the bed with it between them, becoming defensive
<China> and standing up of course
<DM> You see the nun drawing a pistol, but you have caught her just a little off guard.
* China moves around to disarm her and attempts to take the gun away from her
<Jared> (uh-oh!)
<DM> (roll -3, please)
<China> roll-3
<China> roll -3
<Mildred> roll 0
<DM> You move amazingly quickly, and have grabbed the gun--an odd one--which is still pointed at you.
<DM> (roll 0, please)
<China> roll 0
<Mildred> roll -1
<China> ((the diceroller doesn't know its me -- woo hoo))
<CrazyJack> (hehe)
<DM> The two of you struggle.  The nun is stronger, but you have nearly disarmed her when the strange pistol discharges.  There is a flash of light, and you hear the yell of the nun.
<DM> All goes black.
<DM> [back to the courtyard]
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> There is the blast of an air horn, and shouts from the wall.
* CrazyJack looks around
* Jared jumps up.
<DM> "Infirmary!" yells one of the Warden Sisters.
<Jared> “Are we under attack?!”
<CrazyJack> “Uh, attack?  By who?”
<DM> One of the nuns lets out a shriek.  A thump on the roof of the little guest house means that one of the Warden Sisters has leapt from the wall.  You hear rifles being cocked.
* Jared crouches down again and holds out a hand to Jack's chest.
<Jared> "Stay down. Don't want to get caught in the crossfire."
* Jared is looking all around.
<DM> (Guests are not to draw weapons here, by the way.  Only a friend such as Jared would be allowed even to wear a sword openly—as he does.)
<CrazyJack> “Heh. I did two tours in ‘Nam..  Don’t worry ‘bout me, man.”
* Jared mutters, "Sure wish I knew what was going on around here. Things are crazy tonight."
<DM> A few of the Warden Sisters head for the infirmary at a full run.
* Jared looks at Jack. "They don't let guys join their convent, by the way.  I’m just a friend.”
* CrazyJack gets up and crouches down
<DM> There are no further sounds of weapons.
<DM> "All clear!"
<DM> "Confirm!"
<DM> "Confirm!"
* Jared gets up slowly and looks around for a nun to ask about what's going on.
<DM> After a few long moments, three of the Warden Sisters reappear.  One carries the limp body of China.
<Jared> “What happened?”
* Jared waits for the women to come over.
<DM> China is dumped unceremoniously in the dirt, not far from where she first collapsed after entering the compound.
<DM> One of the Warden Sisters says, “She gave Mildred a scare.”
<Jared> “Is she dead?”
* SisterMildred approaches.
* China lets out a little moan
<Jared> “Guess not.”
* CrazyJack looks at China.
* China is 4'6" and very small framed; she looks rather like a child with pale skin, raven black hair.  Her coal-black eyes lend her a doll-like appearance.  She’s dressed in forest greens and browns.
<Mildred> “She'll be fine, Journeyman, and she'll be a bit more relaxed now.”
* Jared looks at Mildred. "What's the story on this one? And what was all that shooting about? "
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 4.
<DM> One of the Warden Sisters dumps four daggers on the ground, well out of China's reach, and waves a hand at them for Jared’s benefit.
* China opens her eyes and rubs her chest, looking accusingly at Sister Mildred
* China looks suspiciously at Mildred and gasps, "Why…did…you…shoot…me?"
<DM> It's at this tense moment that Dania calls from the convent proper: "It's okay!  He's a hippie!"
<Jared> “A what?”
* Jared looks even more baffled.
* CrazyJack rolls his eyes.
<DM> As if all this excitement weren't enough, a beam of light suddenly floods the courtyard, coming from up on the wall, where a glowing figure has just appeared.
* CrazyJack looks to toward the source of the light
<DM> "Intruder!" calls one of the Warden Sisters.  Three rifles are pointed upward.
<DM> The light falls most strongly on Jared, Jack and China.
<DM> The glowing figure on the wall is none other than Dr. Goode!
* Jared looks around for cover.
*** DrGoode has joined #greyhawk
* Jared has a hand on his sword hilt.
* China puts her hands up to shade her eyes from the light and squints up to look
* DrGoode is indistinct in the bright light, but he appears to be a short man with gray hair and glasses, dressed in some sort of long, white gown.
<DrGoode> “Ho! Ho! Ho!”
* CrazyJack does the same as China.
<DrGoode> “I bear a message from my Queen.  Though it pains me not to slay you where you stand, I am commanded to inform each of you thusly…”
<DM> The voice is mocking, and echoes strangely.
<DrGoode> “Know thou art Our enemy
<DrGoode> Since first We felt thy form at sea.
<DrGoode> We'll have thy bones on which to sup;
<DrGoode> Thy skull shall be Our drinking cup
<DrGoode> In which we'll pour sweet wine, and live
<DrGoode> Within the space thy death shall give.
<DrGoode> Nay, canst thou riddle half so well,
<DrGoode> When terror bites beneath Our spell?
<DrGoode> O come, conundrum keen and bright
<DrGoode> To baffle man!  Commence Our rite!”
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 15.
<Jared> “This doesn't sound good.”
* Jared looks around for a place to take cover.
<Jared> (Is there any cover nearby?)
<DM> [none but the guest house]
<Jared> “Come on!”
* Jared heads for the guest house at a dead run.
* CrazyJack follows Jared.
<Jared> “He's going to cast a spell on us!”
* Jared zigzags as he goes.
<DrGoode> “Ho! Ho! Ho!”
<CrazyJack> “Whoa…spooky!”
* Jared pulls out his sword, and begins murmuring a prayer to the goddess.
<Jared> "Defend us, My Lady!"
* China does her best to follow, managing only a crawl, casting a rather rude gesture at the figure.
<DM> The light goes out.  *Every* artificial light goes out, plunging the compound into darkness.
<DM> [and we end it here]
*** Mildred has quit IRC
*** DrGoode has quit IRC
<DM> .
<DM> .
<DM> .
* Jared shakes his fist at the DM.
<Jared> Drat you!
<CrazyJack> cool story!
<Jared> You were supposed to pay the light bill!
<Observer> (doh.. just as scotty's cat gets comfortable after all this time)
<China> lol
*** Jared is now known as Lynne
<China> yes, very cool story
<Lynne> Thanks, John!
*** DM is now known as John
<CrazyJack> thx john!  we should be on for next Thursday btw
<Lynne> How's the mural going?
<John> Y'all are improvising excellently!
<John> No Forgotten Realms game tomorrow night, then?
<CrazyJack> mural is looking good!  about half way done
<China> indeed thanks john
<CrazyJack> no game tomorrow night, no
<China> excellent
<Observer> haha.. it's not halfway done. he just thinks it is
<Observer> lol
<CrazyJack> lol
<China> lol
<John> Gonna need the sleep.  I got outta whack over the long weekend.
<Observer> have a good night john. :)
<John> We could use a pictuer of the mural in progress, you know.
<Observer> err
<Observer> the sky keeps changing in the picture
<Observer> lol
<China> sounds cool to me
<John> Darned professors, messing with the sky.
<CrazyJack> just like a sky in florida ;-P
<Observer> and now it looks more like fire in the sky... gotta fix that :))
<Lynne> LOL
<Observer> (oops this doesn't laugh)
<Observer> (used to yahoo messenger program) :)) = laughing
<Lynne> aha
<Observer> :)
<John> We'll look forward to pictures, whenever.
<Lynne> Definitely!!
<CrazyJack> whenever robin allows me to take one
<Observer> lol
<Observer> as soon as I fix the sky and sun
<Observer> lol
<Observer> it looked fine until I decided to try to blend it and made it look like fire somehow hm
<Lynne> Y'all have a great weekend!
<John> We would have another session of Under The Hill on June 14th, then.  Let me know if that doesn't work for anyone.
<Observer> hehe have a good weekend
<Lynne> Gotta go look in on catnesses.
*** Lynne has quit IRC
<CrazyJack> sounds good.. have a good week all!  cya next thursday!
<China> nighters all
<John> Good night.
*** John has quit IRC
*** CrazyJack has quit IRC
*** Observer has quit IRC
*** China has left #greyhawk
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Wed May 31 22:48:00 2006

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