under the hill
chapter one: bad trips

Session Start: Wed Apr 05 19:06:16 2006
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<CrazyJack> hiya gina.. hiya melissa =)
<China> howdy
<DM> Good evening!
<CrazyJack> good evening
<Gina> Hello.....so, who is crazy Jack?
*** Gina is now known as Dania
<DM> I'm going to send each of you a file to install in the pc directory of your mIRC.  Gotta whip up one for Scott real quick.
<CrazyJack> (scott)
<Dania> CrazyJack.....transported street person?
<CrazyJack> lol
<DM> You'll find out more about *him*.
<DM> Give me a few minutes to slap some stuff in /char for Mr. Jack.
<CrazyJack> ok np
<Dania> Should I be seeing a file or not yet?
<Dania> My mom is here to watch kids.....YAY! Tomorrow is Kindergarten roundup, so I need her to watch the little one tomorrow.
<DM> Okay, I've e-mailed each of you a .txt file...save it to your usual mIRC directory, where your other characters' Name.txt files live.  The first letter of the file is capitalized.
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<LynneAFK> Okay, let's try this...
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<Dania> Actually, Scott, you and I have never been players together before!
<China> Okay, I think.
<CrazyJack> That's true, Gina! Hehe.
<Jared> Hmmm.
*** LynneAFK is now known as Jared
<CrazyJack> So,  where are we all?
<DM> When we begin, each of you is in a different location.
<CrazyJack> like.. righteous dude
<DM> We will start with Scott...but no rush, if anyone has questions.  My data entry skills are not up to par, so you're likely to see incomplete stuff in /ccc.  That's okay for now.  I'm not expecting much in the way of combat.
<China> (I hear a "yet" behind that phrase.)
<DM> This is, under the hood, a fairy tale.  Each of you has a heart's desire, and a bag of skills to make it come true.  I'll be generous with points, too.  In a fairy tale, main characters are on the Skywalker fast track.
<Dania> No hurry here.....I'll have to be AFK for a few minutes sometime here when I have to go pick up a pizza (3 - 5 mins)
<DM> Does anyone have any questions?
<DM> You can PM me, if need be.
<DM> Starring, in alphabetical order:
<DM> Gina, as Sister Dania
<DM> Lynne, as Jared the Journeyman
<DM> Melissa, as China
<DM> ...and introducing Scott, as Crazy Jack Nesbitt
<DM> Chapter One: Bad Trips
<DM> There's a sound of ticking.
<DM> Consciousness doesn't so much creep up on you as it grabs you by the throat and gives you a good, hard shake.  The pain is there, sure, but it's secondary to the disorientation.  You've been here before, you know it.  You know that sickly pale green hue.  It's the ceiling.  Looking down and around, you see that you're in bed, and back in the ward again.  Acid does that.  Acid and coke are a bad mix.  You were some kind of hero last night, no doubt, but you're not going anywhere yet.  It hurts to think about moving.  Best to wait for Janie to come 'round, or one of the other nurses.  Hope it's her shift.  Yeah, now you know where you are.  Again.
* CrazyJack lies in bed quietly, thinking
<DM> The ticking comes from a clock on the wall, that's lit by the last rays of the sunset.  Or is it a sunrise? 
* CrazyJack peers at the clock to try and tell the time
<DM> It’s a few minutes to eight.
<DM> There are no other beds in this room.
<DM> You remember...
<DM> VA Hospital, San Francisco….July, 1979
<DM> Transient Ward
<DM> .
* CrazyJack thinks, "Oh man....not again."
<CrazyJack> (Am I restrained in any way?)
<DM> You find that you can move your arms, but that you don't much want to.
<DM> There's a radio playing, out in the hall.  The tune sounds...familiar.
* CrazyJack looks for the button to summon the nurse.
<DM> There's a white plastic cord, with a button on it.
<DM> In a flash, it comes back to you.  1970.  You were just off the plane from 'Nam, and someone in Gene's house was playing the Allman Brothers’ Live at Fillmore East.  It's your favorite tune, the one that takes you back!
<DM> Something's wrong, though.  That's not Gregg Allman singing.  It sounds like...can't be...Jerry Lewis?
* CrazyJack frowns.
<DM> Jerry Lewis sings…
<DM> "I been gunned down; I been eyed, too,
<DM> I don't know what I let that Queen summon me to do.
<DM> She thinks it's funny, the effects of my scars.
<DM> Now I'm a misunderstood time study.
<DM> I'm sinkin' like a lost, drowned barge…”
<DM> This is...crazy.  The room's not quite the right shape, either.
<DM> Jerry Lewis goes into the chorus, in his broadest, silliest manner...
<DM> “...Right now I feel, right now I feel,
<DM> Like I'm bestride a military post,
<DM> Fried like a piece of toast,
<DM> Spied by a flipping ghost,
<DM> With sword I feel like I'm flyin'."
* CrazyJack murmurs "Oh, man. What have they done to ‘Whipping Post’? That's, like…totally trashed, man.”
<DM> ...And then Duane's off into a solo, like nothing strange just happened.
* CrazyJack shakes his head and seems relieved to hear Duane's solo
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* Sarge is a tall, lean man who looks no older than thirty, though you dimly realize that he must be quite a bit older than that by now. His class 'A' uniform now boasts E-7 stripes (you knew him as a staff sergeant, E-6) and an impressive array of ribbons.
* CrazyJack squints. "Sarge?"
<DM> You no longer remember what all those ribbons mean, but there's no mistaking the Silver Star medal atop them all.  He smiles a bit nervously, then his face crinkles as he recognizes you despite your years of hard living since 'Nam.
<CrazyJack> “Whoa, dude. What are you doin' here?”
<Sarge> “How you doing, Nesbitt?  Remember me?  It's Sergeant Jackson.  From Easy Company.”
<DM> You've never seen him dressed up like this.  It was always fatigues, right up to the day you took a bullet meant for him. Your ticket home.
<CrazyJack> “Yeah man. I remember you. From the Big E.”
<Sarge> “Took me quite a while to track you down.  I'm not allowed to stay long.”
<CrazyJack> “Whatcha want me for?”
 <Sarge> “Just wanted to make sure you were okay, and to thank you one more time for that bullet you took for me.”
<CrazyJack> “What kinda funked-up threads you got on, man?”
* Sarge smiles again.
<Sarge> “You never got to see me in my penguin suit, did ya?”
<CrazyJack> “I'm, like, retired. Remember?”
<Sarge> “Yeah, me too.  But I get to wear this one last time.  Wanted to look good.”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, man. You look, like, totally righteous. You, like, getting married or something?”
* Sarge shakes his head.
<Sarge> “No, not getting married. Just wanted to make sure you were okay, and to thank you one more time for that bullet you took for me.”
<CrazyJack> “Oh, yeah, man. Like, don’t sweat it. I'd ‘a’ done it for anyone.”
* Sarge 's face grows serious.
<Sarge> “I know. So, you been keepin' in shape?  Ready to get up and walk out of here?”
<CrazyJack> “Ah. Yeah, man. I'm ready to split. Janie 'round?”
* CrazyJack attempts to get upright.
<DM> You manage to get up on an elbow.
<Sarge> “She's here. You kinda like her?”
* Sarge grins indulgently.
<CrazyJack> “She's, like, okay. She treats me good when I'm in here.”
* CrazyJack leans up onto one elbow, with a lot of effort.
<Sarge> “Easy, Jack. You're gonna need to get up soon, and it don't look like you been takin’ care of yourself.”
<CrazyJack> “Maybe I ain’t ready to leave yet, man. Ya know…bad trip last night.”
<DM> There are footsteps outside the door, which is open a bit.
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<CrazyJack> “Hope that's dinner, man. I need some food in me.”
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* Nurse Janie pokes her head in the door. She is pretty, thirtyish, and a bit mousy--she even wears glasses.
<CrazyJack> “Oh, hey, Janie
<Janie> “How are we this evening?”
<CrazyJack> “Hey, like, just righteous…ya know.”
<CrazyJack> “My sarge, here, is...uh.” 
* CrazyJack looks around.
<DM> You don't see Sarge.
<CrazyJack> “Whoa, man. This is a far-out trip.”
<Janie> “I brought some water. Can you take it?”
<CrazyJack> “Yeah, water…like…that's what I need.”
* Janie passes Jack a large pill, and a glass of ice water.
<Janie> “Can you hold it?”
<CrazyJack> “Good ol' flouridated water.”
* CrazyJack attempts to take the glass and pill.
* Janie smiles as she watches Jack take the pill.
<Janie> “No, this is the good stuff, from the cooler at the nurses' station.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh. Yeah. Righteous!” 
* CrazyJack takes the pill, and swallows it with the water.
<Janie> “That's a good boy.  I'll come back in a bit to check on you.”
* Janie pats Jack on the head as she turns to leave.
<CrazyJack> “Okay, Janie. I ain’t goin' nowhere.”
* Janie pauses for the briefest of moments, and smiles sadly at Jack's words.
* Janie leaves, closing the door.
*** Janie has left #greyhawk
<DM> The clock ticks slowly, ever so slowly.
* CrazyJack looks around for Sarge one more time.
<DM> Jack is all alone again.
<DM> It's now eight-thirty by the clock, and the light from the window is fading.
* CrazyJack lies back down and stares at the ceiling.
<DM> There is a knock at the door.
* CrazyJack raises his head back up.
<CrazyJack> “You, like, back so soon?”
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<DM> The door opens, and a man in a white coat steps in.
<CrazyJack> “Oh...”
<DM> You don't recognize him, but he's wearing a stethoscope.
* DrGoode is rather short, with close-cropped steely-gray hair and beard. His wire-rimmed glasses ride low on the bridge of his long nose, and there is a merry twinkle in his eyes.
<CrazyJack> “A flippin’ doctor. Great.”
<DM> “Good evening, Mr. Nesbitt.  How are you feeling?”
<CrazyJack> “Like, peachy keen, y’know.”
<DrGoode> “I'm Doctor Goode.  I've been looking at your files, and I would like to talk to you about a new treatment.”
* DrGoode smiles at Jack.
<CrazyJack> “New treatment?”
* CrazyJack laughs. 
<CrazyJack> “Like, I ain’t no gonna be no guinea pig.”
<DrGoode> “Would you like to come with me?  If you can get up, a short walk might do you…good.”
* DrGoode winks.
<CrazyJack> “Go play with some other poor bastard. It ain’t me you're lookin' for, man.”
* DrGoode grins even more broadly.
* CrazyJack begins humming the song from the Turtles: "It Ain’t Me, Babe."
<DM> [LOL]
<DM> “Nonsense.  No reason why you can't walk.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, maybe I don’t want to walk, y’know.”
* DrGoode glances down at a clipboard he carries.
<DM> “Ho, ho, ho!  You've said that before, Mr. Nesbitt. Come. Try to sit up, at least.”
* CrazyJack tries to sit up.
<DM> Jack manages, just barely, to get into a sitting position.
<DM> On the bedside table is Jack’s wallet and lucky buckeye.
<DrGoode> “Very good, Mr. Nesbitt!  Just sit easy for a moment, and get your bearings.”
<DM> [Would you like to describe yourself, Scott? You are in your street clothes.]
* CrazyJack stands about 6 feet tall, and has dirty blond hair tied into a short ponytail, with a scruffy beard, mustache and sideburns. He wears a green t-shirt under old Army fatigues and boots. He is in his mid-thirties. He always seems to have a faraway look in his brown eyes.
<DM> [A thousand yards away, to be precise. ;-)]
<CrazyJack> “Like, I ain't bein’ no guinea pig for ya, Doc--no way, no how.”
<DrGoode> “Well, I wanted to show you what it is I'd like to try. Now, where did I put that dose?”
* DrGoode slips a hand into his (own) pocket, and produces a small green tablet.
* CrazyJack looks at the green tablet dubiously.
<DrGoode> “This, Mr. Nesbitt, is called anhypnol.”
* DrGoode pauses significantly.
<CrazyJack> “That's, like, ah, the ugliest lookin’ downer I ever saw. What's it do?”
* CrazyJack looks interested.
<DrGoode> “It acts on the neurons in your brain, blah, blah, blah.”
* DrGoode smiles broadly.
<CrazyJack> “Like, uh, far out, man.”
<DrGoode> “The upshot, for you, is a big dose of reality.  No more of those waking dreams, with properly controlled dosage.”
<CrazyJack> “Oh man. I got all the reality I flippin’ need, y’know.”
* DrGoode laughs.
<DrGoode> “Ho, ho, ho!  Well, Mr. Nesbitt, think of this as a chance to experience one reality at a time.”
* DrGoode 's face grows serious.
<DrGoode> “Really, now, Mr. Nesbitt.  I believe that you will get what you want from this treatment.”
* DrGoode glances at his watch.
<CrazyJack> “Like, I've been fighting reality for, like, the last ten years, y’know. I don’t flippin’ need no pill to bring it back.”
* DrGoode nods.
<DrGoode> “According to your records, Mr. Nesbitt, reality has been fighting *you*.”
* DrGoode points to his clipboard.
<DrGoode> “In addition to two police officers.”
<CrazyJack> “Hey--that was police brutality!” Well, like, turn your flippin’ records upside down, then.”
* DrGoode laughs.
<DrGoode> “Ho, ho, ho!  That is precisely what I hope to accomplish.”
<CrazyJack> “Like, y’know, the damn fuzz were all over me, like white on rice.”
* DrGoode nods, serious again.
<DrGoode> “They are not paid to understand you, Mr. Nesbitt.  *I* am.”
<CrazyJack> “So, um, this pill really screws with your brain?”
* DrGoode smiles wryly.
<DrGoode> “Well, yes, it does.  But in an advantageous way.”
* DrGoode hands the pill to Jack.
<DrGoode> “We'll start with just this small dose tonight.”
<CrazyJack> “Heh, heh. Like, hey, this could be a righteous trip, y’know.”
<DrGoode> “Yes, John Edward Nesbitt.  It will.”
<CrazyJack> “With all these positive waves, like, how can it go wrong?”
* CrazyJack smiles and takes the pill.
* DrGoode grins broadly, revealing more than thirty-two teeth.
<DrGoode> “Enjoy the waves, Mr. Nesbitt.”
<DM> The room is changing shape again.
* DrGoode reaches for the light switch, and the scene grows brighter.
<CrazyJack> “Oh, man....this is one flipping far-out trip.”
<DM> The light fixture above holds five light bulbs in an old art-deco fixture. The bulbs point down toward you like five burning fingers.
* CrazyJack stares at the lights.
* DrGoode reaches for you, and his fingers are long...and sharp.
<Jared> (yikes!!!)
<CrazyJack> “Like...wow.”
* DrGoode reaches for the light switch again, and all is dark.
<CrazyJack> “Ain’t taking no more green pills, man.”
<DrGoode> “Come along now, John Edward Nesbitt.  I'd like you to meet somebody.  Ho, ho, ho!”
*** DrGoode has left #greyhawk
<DM> [Melissa, are you ready?
<China> [yep]
<DM> The evening is dark, with no moon yet risen.  There's a hot breeze still blowing from the west, over Sanctuary.  Among the rocks, China is discussing a matter of urgent import.
*** KnightSgt has joined #greyhawk
<DM> [Melissa, would you like to describe yourself? You are unarmed, but that is about to change.]
* China is 4'6" and very small framed; she looks rather like a child with pale skin, raven black hair.  Her coal black eyes lend her a doll-like appearance. She’s dressed in forest greens and browns.
* KnightSgt wears the white robe and hood of the Knights of Purity. He carries a large shield with their starry cross emblazoned on it. He sits astride a coal-black riding horse about ten feet from the girl. China knows him only as Sergeant. The hood has eyeholes, but nothing can be seen of his face, as is usual on their night rides.
<KnightSgt> “Any questions, kid?  You know your target.  She's out without the dogs tonight, and all alone.”
* China nods her understanding.
* KnightSgt tosses a small bundle on the ground beside China, and brings the horse about contemptuously.
* China turns silently and strides away from the man, a sense of purpose to her feather footfalls.
* China retreives the bundle.
* KnightSgt calls out softly.
<KnightSgt> “Death to muties.”
* KnightSgt urges the horse into a trot. The sound echoes off the bare stones, but the oppressive heat is already muting it.
*** KnightSgt has left #greyhawk
* China she moves to a shadowed ally and opens the bundle to examine the contents
<DM> The bundle is an old rag covering four throwing knives, and holds three gold coins--China's usual payment.
* China raises her eyebrow. Prepayment is unusual; they must not expect her to survive.
<DM> The horse's hoofbeats fade into the distance.  The rider is heading toward the town of Cratersville.
* China tucks the knives and coins carefully away, and heads into the hills toward her target.
<DM> China knows the way toward the path that connects Sanctuary to the nearby village and town.
* China smiles. It’s quite a bonus that they should send her somewhere she has lately desired to go.
<DM> Even the stifling heat cannot make the darkness unwelcome.  The night is China's element.  Her movements are sure-footed and silent. Within ten minutes, she sights her quarry--a robed and hooded female figure walking quickly in the direction of Sanctuary.
*** SisterUrsula has joined #greyhawk
<DM> The crunch of gravel on the path underfoot is regular, almost as if the nun were marching. She must be tall.
* China becomes the woman's shadow, poised to strike, mindful of the area nearby, a heat building within her that is anticipation of the kill.
<DM> The nun wears the grey robes common to the Sisters of Ste. Mary Ann.
<DM> More gravel crunches ahead of the nun.  Something with more than two feet!
<DM> One of Sanctuary's large guard dogs bounds out to meet the Sister.
* SisterUrsula stops and speaks softly.
<SisterUrsula> “Good girl.”
<DM> The Knight's information was not quite complete, it seems.
* China hesitates, wondering. She wasn't paid for more than one kill, and killing animals other than for food seems a waste.
* SisterUrsula bends over, rubbing the dog's head and whispering something too low to hear.
<DM> Some sixth sense grabs China's attention.
*** LilAttercop has joined #greyhawk
* China moves deeper into shadow to her right, something catching her attention to the left.
<DM> An enormous spider climbs over a rock.  It seems to be stalking the nun.
<DM> It's an attercop, but a young one--perhaps only thirty pounds.
<Dania> (Ewwww....giant spiders.....ick!)
<China> (And that would be what exactly?)
* SisterUrsula continues to pet the dog, apparently unaware of the new danger behind her.
<CrazyJack> (30-lb. spider?  And it's a SMALL one?)
<Jared> (Eee!)
<DM> [Mwahahahaha!]
<Dania> (Radioactive mutant spiders.....oh no!)
<DM> [So eat your radiation every day, kids, and grow up big and strong.]
* China sinks deeper into the shadows and watches the spider closely, waiting to see what happens. Nice if her quarry is killed naturally. Of course she will have to take the head away from it, but she can be patient.
<DM> The spider is poised to leap.  It might be able to jump the ten or so feet intervening.
<LilAttercop> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for LilAttercop (1d20) and gets 15.
<DM> The spider leaps, tumbling, through the air.  It lands with a thud right behind the nun, who stiffens.
* SisterUrsula cries out in surprise.
<DMhelper> LilAttercop's init: Amazing (1d20(2)+d0(0) = 2 MOGA = 10+/9/4/2)
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's init: Good (1d20(5)+d0(0) = 5 MOGA = 14+/13/6/3)
<DM> The dog goes apenuts, barking and lunging at the spider.
* SisterUrsula yells again, this time in pain.
* LilAttercop hangs off her leg, nearly causing the nun to stumble.
<DM> The dog snaps at the spider, growling and barking.  Much barkage.
<Dania> (I'm sure there is!)
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 15.
<DM> There is another thump as something metallic hits the ground next to the nun.  She utters an oath not taught in the Sanctuary's school.
* LilAttercop 's legs are a blur, as it scrambles to get away from the dog.
<DMhelper> China's init: Ordinary (1d20(10)+d0(0) = 10 MOGA = 17+/16/8/4)
<DMhelper> LilAttercop's init: Critical (1d20(20)+d0(0) = 20 MOGA = 10+/9/4/2)
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's init: Good (1d20(5)+d0(0) = 5 MOGA = 14+/13/6/3)
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Dexterity check: Failure (1d20(14)+d4(1) = 15 OGA = 12/6/3) Feat: 1
<DM> The nun scrabbles about in the gravel, trying to recover the dropped object.
<DM> [China may act now, if she likes.]
* China remains watching.
<LilAttercop> 1d20
* SisterUrsula screams and falls.
<DM> The dog lunges again.
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 7.
<DM> The dog snaps and shakes its head rapidly, causing the spider to release the nun's leg.  Good doggie!  It’s growling loudly.
<DM> [inits]
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's init: Ordinary (1d20(8)+d0(0) = 8 MOGA = 14+/13/6/3)
<DMhelper> China's init: Marginal (1d20(17)+d0(0) = 17 MOGA = 17+/16/8/4)
<DMhelper> LilAttercop's init: Marginal (1d20(10)+d0(0) = 10 MOGA = 10+/9/4/2)
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Dexterity check: Good Success (1d20(3)+d4(2) = 5 OGA = 12/6/3) Feat: 1
<Dania> (and our friend the DMHelper never changes.....marginal all the way!)
<DM> 1d20
<DM> The nun scrabbles about, and comes up with a gun.  She pulls the trigger, and nothing happens.  Oaths ensue.
<Dania> (Darn, I hate it when that happens!)
<DMhelper> LilAttercop's Dexterity check: Ordinary Success (1d20(4)+d4(3) = 7 OGA = 12/6/3) Feat: 1
<LilAttercop> 1d20-1
<DM> The dog yelps as the spider bites it.
<DM> [inits]
<DMhelper> China's init: Good (1d20(6)+d0(0) = 6 MOGA = 17+/16/8/4)
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's init: Marginal (1d20(17)+d0(0) = 17 MOGA = 14+/13/6/3)
<DMhelper> LilAttercop's init: Amazing (1d20(2)+d0(0) = 2 MOGA = 10+/9/4/2)
<LilAttercop> 1d20
<DM> The dog howls its rage, and tears at the spider.
<DM> 1d20+1
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20+1) and gets 8.
<DM> The spider's legs flail.
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Intelligence check: Failure (1d20(15)+d4(3) = 18 OGA = 13/6/3) Feat: 1
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Dexterity check: Failure (1d20(19)+d4(3) = 22 OGA = 12/6/3) Feat: 1
* SisterUrsula is screaming at the dog and the spider, fumbling with her pistol.
<DM> [inits]
<DMhelper> China's init: Marginal (1d20(19)+d0(0) = 19 MOGA = 17+/16/8/4)
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's init: Marginal (1d20(15)+d0(0) = 15 MOGA = 14+/13/6/3)
<DMhelper> LilAttercop's init: Marginal (1d20(14)+d0(0) = 14 MOGA = 10+/9/4/2)
<LilAttercop> 1d20+2
<DM> It's hard, even for China, to see exactly what happens next.
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Intelligence check: Failure (1d20(17)+d4(4) = 21 OGA = 13/6/3) Feat: 1
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Dexterity check: Ordinary Success (1d20(9)+d4(2) = 11 OGA = 12/6/3) Feat: 1
<SisterUrsula> 1d20+1
<DM> There is a sound like a sudden exhalation of breath, and the spider instantly goes limp.
<DM> The next sound is the nun's crying, and whines from the dog.
<DM> There is a soft glow as the nun crawls over to the dog.
* China moves through the shadows carefully, for a better view of the scene
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's CureLightWounds check: Failure (1d20(19)+d20(10) = 29 OGA = 14/7/3) No Holy Symbol: 4 Modifier Entered: 1
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's CureLightWounds check: Ordinary Success (1d20(4)+d20(5) = 9 OGA = 14/7/3) No Holy Symbol: 4 Modifier Entered: 1
<Jared> (uh oh, where's her holy symbol?)
<DM> [I dunno...maybe in the same place that +d20 came from]
<DM> The dog falls silent.
* LilAttercop gives a final twitch, and then its legs curl up together.
*** LilAttercop has left #greyhawk
* China is astounded that the nun would heal the animal before herself
<DM> The nun sobs, and strokes the dog's head.
<SisterUrsula> “Come on, Zee.  Come on, girl.”
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's CureMinorWounds check: Ordinary Success (1d20(14)-2d20(-3) = 11 OGA = 14/7/3) No Holy Symbol: 4 Modifier Entered: -10
<DM> There is another soft flash of light, and the nun grunts.
* SisterUrsula cradles the dogs head.
<DM> The nun's sobs are softer now, and she picks up the gun.
* DM checks the action on the pistol, and twists off the silencer, dropping the latter on the ground.
<DM> The nun pockets the pistol.
* SisterUrsula drops the hood that covered her face.
<DMhelper> SisterUrsula's Strength check: Ordinary Success (1d20(5)+d8(3) = 8 OGA = 8/4/2) Feat: 1 Mod Entered: +2
* SisterUrsula gets to her feet, holding the large dog.
* SisterUrsula turns toward the west, and toward Sanctuary.
<SisterUrsula> Come on, Zee.  Let's go home.
* SisterUrsula , limping, crunches up the path.
* China shadows the woman toward Sanctuary, no longer intent on the kill, but on understanding. She will have to think of a way to know this woman.
<DM> (Sorry, folks.  I didn't realize that it'd gotten so late.)
<Dania> (That's OK....this was a great start!)
<China> (Oh, wow -- how time flies.)
<Dania> (I'll be looking forward to next session!)
<China> (Me, too.)
<Dania> (Very, very good!)
<DM> (Thank you, everybody. I'd intended to do one more scene to bring you all together.)
<Dania> (Well, I can stay for a little while more. My kids are in bed and husband is out of town.)
<China> (Me, too, if everyone else can.)
<CrazyJack> (I can stay :-))
<Jared> (I'm here. :-))
<Jared> (But it's okay if you can't get to Jared this week.)
<DM> For Jared, then...
<DM> The floor is clean, as always.  The Sisters still keep it that way, and thinking back on oldtime, it looks maybe like they keep it cleaner than ever.  Sister Anne is making something good out of the summer potatoes you brought, something without the taste of dust. She doesn't treat you friendly anymore, not since you were 'prenticed, but Anne resents men-folk more than do most of the Sisters.  You don't dare put your feet up, but you can rest easy for tonight.  Try to cool.
<DM> [It's nightfall.  Dania may enter.]
*** SisterAnne has joined #greyhawk
<DM> The room is hot, but not so hot as outdoors.  The Sanctuary guest house will be a comfortable stop on your way.
* Jared watches Anne preparing the food.
* Dania comes into the kitchen, grabbing an apple and a chunk of bread on her way past.
<Dania> “Sister Anne.”
* SisterAnne nods curtly to Dania.
<SisterAnne> “Sister.”
<Jared> “Good evening, Sister Dania.”
<Dania> “Jared, is that you?”
<DM> [yes, nuns may hug old friends]
* Jared inclines his head.
<Jared> "The same. I trust this evening finds you well, Sister?"
<Dania> Oh, no need for the Sister, we were bathed together as small children!
* Dania hugs Jared!
* Jared seems a little surprised, but hugs her back, anyway.
* Jared looks meaningfully at Anne and then back at Dania.
<DM> Some of the dogs outside are barking a little. Fussing.
<DM> [Would you like to describe yourselves?]
<Dania> Dania is about 5 foot five  and has wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She's a very pretty girl, with an air of calm about her.
* Jared is about 6'2" with a lean, wiry build. His pale blond hair is very straight and tied back at his nape with a black leather cord. Jared has moss-green eyes, and his skin is lightly tanned. He is wearing a leather vest over a white shirt and leather breeches and boots. A sword is strapped to his back.
<Dania> “That's odd. The dogs have usually settled by now. Sister Anne, do we have some scraps for them?”
* SisterAnne doesn’t look up from the stove.
<SisterAnne> “Soup's 'most done.”
<Dania> “Since Ursula is away, I can take them their dinner. Then I'll serve the guests--and try not to spill on anyone this time.”
* Dania grins at Jared.
<Jared> “I'll help you, then.”
<Dania> “I'm not the best server of the Sisters!”
<Jared> “I am sure you do fine, Dania. It was only that one time, wasn't it?”
<DM> A dog barks loudly, once, just outside the guest house.  Woof!
* Dania grabs the pail of dog scraps and heads out to the kennel area.
* Jared goes over to the door and looks out.
<Jared> “What has the dogs so upset?”
* Jared frowns.
<DM> [WIL-perception-listen checks from Jared and Dania, please]
<Dania> “I don't know, but they are more exitable when Ursula isn't here.”
<DMhelper> Jared's Perception (Listen) check: Ordinary Success (1d20(3)+d4(4) = 7 OGA = 8/4/2) Broad Skill: 1
<Dania> “They're probably hungry or they've seen an animal...who knows, with dogs? Sometimes they bark at shadows. But then, don't we all, at times?”
* Jared follows Dania to the kennels.
* Dania looks around to see if she can spot some source of the disturbance.
<DM> Up on the wall, one of the Warden Sisters waves casually down at Dania.
* Dania waves up.
<Dania> “I think Sister Anne is making apple tarts tonight! I'll swipe some later, and bring them to you!”
* Dania moves to the kennel and opens the gate.
<Jared> “Good. I'll be glad to take some with me on my journey. There's no telling when I'll be back by here.”
<DM> Five dogs surround Dania, eager for their mush.
<Dania> “And Sister Anne's cooking is much better than her attitude. “
* Dania feeds the dogs, petting them and speaking softly as Ursula does.
<Dania> “Where are you going, Jared?”
* Jared looks around to see if anyone is close by.
<DM> No one is near, other than the dogs.
* Dania finishes feeding the dogs and moves out of the kennel.
* Dania sits on a bench in the shadows at the side of the building.
<Dania> “Now, tell.”
* Dania smiles.
* Jared lowers his voice.
<Jared> "Master Erik disappeared three days ago. I have promised Mistress Elaine and Laurana that I will find him."
<Dania> “Disappeared?”
<DM> A couple of the dogs are barking again.
* Jared looks over his shoulder and lowers his voice even more.
* Dania looks over at the dogs, then back at Jared.
<Jared> “He had been working on a special sword...for a customer he would never allow me or the two 'prentices to see.”
<Dania> “That is odd.”
<Jared> “I snuck a look at the sword, 'course, and it was the damnedest thing I ever saw. The basket hilt was a strange greenish metal, fashioned like swirling leaves, and the hilt was bronze and in the shape of an acorn.”
<Dania> “Sounds lovely--but how did Master Erik disappear?”
<Jared> “He only worked on it during the full moon, and he used some supplies that he kept locked up.”
<Dania> “Full moon?”
<Jared> “He sent us off on an errand three days ago, and it was during this time that the customer came again. After that, Master Erik was nowhere to be found.”
<Dania> “Oh, my.”
<Jared> “Laurana stayed behind because she wasn't feeling well, and she said the man was wearing pale green and silver robes. She didn't think anything about it until Mistress Elaine and I discovered the master missing.”
<Dania> “Where are you going to start? Do you have any idea where he might have gone, or been taken?”
* Jared frowns.
* Dania thinks on green and silver robes.
<Jared> “Elaine said the man was so pale as to be an albino.”
<Jared> Paler hair even than mine.
<Dania> “That is pale. And the sword was gone?”
* Jared nods. "Yes. And the supplies, too."
<Jared> “I looked through all of Master Erik's records, and any references to his work on this sword are missing. I'd swear he deliberately wrote nothing down.”
* Dania hesitates for a moment, then takes a deep breath.
<Dania> “Did Master Erik leave anything behind? Any item he might have dropped?”
* Jared nods, and reaches for something in the pouch at his waist.
* Dania watches.
* Jared pulls out an acorn.
<Jared> “This is what the hilt looked like.”
<Dania> “May I…?”
* Jared hands it to Dania.
<Jared> “It's not normal. Look at that weird shimmer on it.”
* Dania holds it, closing her eyes and willing herself to see.
<Jared> “And the texture...it's just odd. I wish I could see it magnified.”
<Dania> “Odd.”
<Dania> 1d20 +1
<Dania> “It is very strange.”
<Dania> (does it feel natural, or metallic, or different?)
* Jared lowers his voice.
<Jared> “I think…I think THEY took him.”
<Dania> “They?”
* Jared looks all around again, just to be sure.
* Dania starts for a moment.
* Dania hands the acorn back to Jared.
<Dania> “Heat. I saw heat, for just a moment.”
<Jared> “Hmm. Y'know, when he worked on that sword, he ran the fires really hot. I know, because the ‘prentices had to bring in extra fuel for the fire.”
<Dania> “They...the Kind Ones?”
<Jared> "Kind? I fear that they may not be so.”
<DM> The dogs are barking again.  The Sister on the wall trots over toward the gate.
<Dania> “They've never harmed me. I've watched Them dance by moonlight many a night.”
* Dania gets up and moves toward the gate.
<Dania> “The dogs.”
* Jared follows.
<Dania> “Something is happening.”
* Jared picks up the pace.
<Dania> “So, how do you plan to find him, if he's gone to the Fey? I've never found the entrance to their land--not that I've looked all that much.”
<DM> The solid metal gate slides off to your left, and a woman enters, carrying a dog.
* Dania looks over.
<Dania> “Ursula? Oh, my!”
* SisterUrsula approaches, out of breath. She is a forty-something woman with grey hair. Her nose is almost nonexistent, an obvious mutation that she usually hides behind a hood.
<Dania> “What happened? Jared, take the dog from her.”
* Jared steps over and takes the dog.
* China moves to the center of the path and runs to catch up with Sister Ursula.  She appears to have run all the way from the village
* Dania waits for Jared to take the dog and supports Sister Ursula herself.
<SisterUrsula> “A spider got her.  She'll be okay, I think.”
<Dania> “Spider. Ugh.”
* Jared gives Dania a we'll-talk-later look.
<Dania> “Yes.”
<DM> The dog is named Zenia.
<Dania> “I think you need to go to the infirmary.”
* Jared whispers to the dog, and kisses her on the head.
<DM> Zenia is breathing, and is calm as Jared handles her.
<Dania> “How is Zenia? I know you've checked out her injuries.”
<DM> The other dogs come swarming around, whining a little.
* Dania checks Sister Ursula's injuries.
<DM> Sister Ursula is not obviously injured, other than on her right leg, on which she limps.
<Dania> “And probably ignored your own.”
<SisterUrsula> “I'm still walking. It was just a little spider. There can't be much poison.”
<Dania> “It bit you and Zenia, then?”
* SisterUrsula nods, and sways a bit.
<Dania> “I see that. Lets get you to the infirmary, and I'll bring down a poultice to draw out the poison. I give you my word that I will personally see to Zenia.”
<DM> A young girl enters the gate behind Ursula.
<Dania> “And who is your young friend?”
* SisterUrsula looks around, startled to see that someone followed her.
* Jared looks at the girl.
<Dania> “Did she come back with you?”
* SisterUrsula shakes her head.
<SisterUrsula> Not with me.  I don’t think.”
* Dania addresses the young girl.
<Dania> “Are you a prospective postulant?”
* China pants heavily, as though she has run a long way, and promptly faints.
<DM> A Sister on the wall shouts: "Check her!"
<DM> There is the sound of a rifle bolt being drawn back.
* Jared goes over to the girl's side.
* Dania allows another sister to take Ursula to the infirmary, and moves to the girl as well.
<Dania> “Is she injured?”
* Jared touches her neck to check for a pulse.
<DM> Jared finds a strong pulse.
<Dania> “She's young. A child still, I would think.”
* Dania quickly pats her down for weapons.
<DM> Dania finds no weapons.
<DM> The young girl stirs, and her eyelids flutter.
<China> "Spiders."
* Dania smiles. “You are safe, my dear, in Sanctuary.”
<DM> Every dog in the place sets up a long howl, and there is the sound of wind.
<DM> We'll end it here.
<Dania> Sounds good.
<China> excellent session
<Dania> Great start John!
<CrazyJack> cool story :-)
<DM> And pick up next time with Crazy jack's arrival.
<China> thanks john
<Dania> Excellent Session, cool story!
<Dania> Night now!
<DM> Thank you, everybody!
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<China> very cool
<Jared> Neat stuff, y'all!
<CrazyJack> I'm curious how Jack "arrives."
<John> He took the green pill.
<CrazyJack> hehe
<Jared> hehehehe
<Jared> seriously!
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<CrazyJack> cya tomorrow :-)
<Jared> seeya!
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<China> nighters all
<John> See y'all tomorrow night!
<CrazyJack> ya... like.. cool man ;-)
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<John> I like Jack already.  Very positive waves.
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